With so many around here getting fried by their workload (or getting baked to cope with it), it's nice to see the art of debate practiced (especially from 2007 to 2014).

B can be recognized even by a spellchecker as being fraught with sorrow and despair.

The hidden secret of A is that by careful examination of its text, it can be related to Gauss's Law.

A is related to the origin of fractals and the term fractal is derived from a Latin word whose two meanings both describe A.

A is more robust than B because it cannot be destroyed by a laser.

A is periodic and space-filling, but B is not and has interfacial defects.

When Leonardo designed his famous suspension bridge, he was obviously inspired by A and the original image of this bridge confirms this.

A could be the key to enabling the hydrogen economy, because the chemistry of A can be reacted with solvents to create bubbles.

B should be avoided in space to avoid B-induced tracheotomies.

A has a geometry that can be formed using steps related to a building in Florence.

In an experiment, A resisted contamination for eight days and eight nights and and allowed development of the desired bacterial cultures.

The use of B was not actually supported by Oppenheimer as FBI wiretaps revealed.

Looking in k-space clearly shows that B is the complementary evil and A is the complementary good.

A leads to a two-fold decrease in procrastination time as opposed to B.

A was determined to be present in Hamlet; the name of the play is actually a misspelling that clearly supports A over B.

A will power cars through a thermovoltaic A drive.

The B Lemma states that too many B is bad and can be shown by L'Hôpital's Rule.

A has a substantially lower specific embodied energy than B (at a ratio of about 1:1.9).

A is less stressful to make. Participants making A also showed a greater angle in a smile test.

The A number is more fundamental than the B number because it corresponds to the number of dimensions of space, the number of quarks in a proton, the number of quarks in a neutron, and the number of generations of quarks.

B can be related to quagmires, Vietnam, and defeatism.

A can experience diffusion of the desired quality but B cannot.

The secret classified appendix to Turing's paper "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" reveals that Turing believed that assessing the superiority of A over B was the right level of challenge for assessing the intelligence of programs.

B originates from a substance that clearly has evil origins when considering a variation in Biblical text.

We will not hide from an inconvenient truth such as a giant B approaching the Gulf Coast.

Production of the A is sexier because it involves fondling and shaping.

Clinical trials post-B treatment stopped after the Libyan uprising.