Peter is the bomb!

Peter plays a master balloon artist who has destroyed his career and damaged his friendships with drugs, alcohol, and an obsessive perfectionism. Moving to London he gets hired as the master balloonist at a party decorations store, affording him a second chance at his dream of becoming a world-renowned artist. The title refers to what happens when you blow into a balloon for too long.

In this box office bomb, Peter is unlucky in love until he meets an independent young feminist who could be the one. She meets his family, but while meeting her mother he realizes that he's making a mistake. By this time however, he is in the girls' sights. She tries to win him back with ever-increasing fervency until she eventually kidnaps him, taking him across the border for a quickie marriage in Mexico. The movie itself became somewhat ironic when Peter came out as a gay the following year.

In this movie about not stealing cars, Peter plays the main character's love interest. He initially doesn't want to help to not steal cars having gone straight, but eventually assists in stealing zero cars in under a minute.

Referring to the weariness that has begun in the land, the subtitle of the second installment of the franchise also relates to the clothing gimmick the main character utilizes to wow the crowd. Doing a spin, Peter's clothing appears to turn into a set of Goodyears.

Peter plays a supporting role in this movie about restaurant workers who service tables for HIV patients using techniques that aren't approved by the FDA. Peter went completely method by clearing plates in a café for weeks and wearing an apron 24 hours a day.

Peter plays the minor role of a mathematics pirate in the latest installment of this space saga. Classic good vs. bad fought with charts and graphs.

In this decade-spanning saga, Peter plays the middle of three brothers growing up in Montana as they live, love, and construct crosswords. Beginning in remote Montana at the turn of the 19th century the brothers endure the wild, love triangles, and World War I; all the while searching for perfect entries for their puzzles. The movie won three Oscars and nabbed Peter a best actor Golden Globe.

In this movie based on a memoir, Peter plays a discontented man who finds himself dissatisfied with his marriage. After a divorce and an unsuccessful rebound relationship, he decides to travel the world. Per the title he spends months enjoying the cuisine of Italy, months finding his spirituality in India, and finally months aimlessly wandering around no where in particular.

Three officers investigate rampant crime and corruption in the underbelly of Seattle. Their investigation of what appears to be a botched robbery resulting in multiple homicides involves heroin, people framed for murder, prostitutes made to look like celebrities, and a crooked police chief. Peter plays the narcotics cop who provides celebrity secrets to a tabloid magnate. His character is killed, but not before uttering a name to his killer that will eventually tip off the killer's guilt to the other two cops.

The plot of this movie revolves around three women living in different time periods tending their gardens. Peter plays the modern-day character preparing a party to honor her former lover and friend who is living with AIDS.

Peter reprises his role as a stripper and travels across the country with his friends to enter a contest. Along the way he convinces the other strippers to change up their routine, donning Guns 'N' Roses attire and stripping to Paradise City.