Solution - One Starry Night

by Tyler Hinman, with help from Joanna Cheng, Mike Sylvia, and Wil Zambole

Answer: Click here to reveal

Each negative review comes from the customer interpreting the product's slogan literally. In order:

Skittles (Taste the rainbow)

Chrysler (Inspiration comes standard)

Adidas (Impossible is nothing)

Rolaids (How do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S)

Lays (Betcha can't eat just one)

Goldfish (The snack that smiles back)

Prudential (Get a piece of the rock)

Olive Garden (When you're here, you're family)

Meow Mix (Cats ask for it by name)

Fosters (Australian for beer)

Staples (That was easy)

State Farm (Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there)

Wheaties (Breakfast of champions)

Coors (Silver bullet)

Burger King (Have it your way)

Energizer (They keep going and going...)

Snapple (Made from the best stuff on Earth)

Las Vegas (What happens here stays here)

Yellow Pages (Let your fingers do the walking)

Red Bull (It gives you wings)

TNT (We know drama)

The helpfulness of the review indicates the length of each product's name and which letter to take. These letters spell SHILLING OR TRICKING OUT, which clues the answer PIMPING.