On The Road

Rip'll have plenty of drive when he wakes up. He's thought up a list of big places to visit! But his routes are messed up. Hopefully he can assemble something.

E1: "Auld mug" named for its first winner (7'1 3) [T→F]
A2: Dancer's aid (5) [B→C]
A7: A way for some to get to the Holy Land (10) [•→F]
A4: W.C. Fields is said to have advised to take this by the tail (4) [C→H]
E6: An amateur type of league (4) [A→M]
B2: This comes after pie or eye (5) [H→S]
E4: You can play tennis on this (4) [P→N]
A8: En route (6) [R→L]
D3: Unwilling to fight (6) [R→O]
D8: Die (5) [S→M]
E5: It can be red, yellow, or green (5) [C→B]
B7: It might conceal a cast (7) [K→T]
D7: Humid, like a basement or cave (4) [S→T]
C6: Eldest son, pour un homme (7) [S→A]
C5: Allot or a lot (4) [•→K]
F2: Family follower in retail (6) [M→W]
A3: Male duck (5) [Ch→Co]
E2: Snappy ______ (7) [A→C]
F7: To peg with a ball (5) [H→S]
D4: Miniature (5) [F→•]
G1: Of the Falathrim or Sindar (5) [W→B]
D1: Class of a USS Enterprise (9) [W→B]
E8: Extra time, for an assignment (9) [S→T]
H2: Steel partner (5) [B→M]
G7: Apples and oranges (5) [C→G]
F8: Heater (7) [S→W]
B5: A narrow trench (6) [P→A]
D6: Continuing existence or a type of horse race (8) [A→T]
B6: It can be white, black, or rose (4) [M→C]
G8: Toady (8) [Ch→Co]
F6: Type of advantage (often 2 wds.) (9) [M→B]
A6: Bigger (5) [H→M]
C1: Big (5) [A→S]
B1: It can be red, yellow, or green (5) [•→B]
A5: Damsel (6) [P→H]
H1: Stonecutter (5) [G→N]
F4: Basic unit, to a chemist (6) [H→L]
D2: Dour or temperamental (5) [K→B]
G6: Why one needs glasses (6) [W→A]
C7: A way to call something with a particular priority (4) [•→P]
H6: A type of school (7) [N→L]
F1: Tom Joad, for example (4) [C→•]
G3: Tertiary period portion (9) [S→•]
C3: Devoutly strict (8) [C→•]
B8: Without compare (8) [B→M]
H3: Gardeners, initially (8) [•→B]
E7: Mill (about) (6) [T→M]
H5: He tests you, in a way (7) [H→B]
H8: Spectrum (7) [L→R]
G2: It comes after a kidnapping (6) [Co→Cl]
H7: You might show a trainee these (5) [C→W]
A1: He might assemble the tack (9) [M→B]
G4: Greeting (10) [C→H]
B4: Edgar Allan Poe parable subject (6) [O→K]
D5: Clip alternative (6) [H→D]
C4: Duty assigner (6) [•→V]
G5: About two billion pounds (8) [S→B]
B3: Land (5 5) [J→B]
F3: Venture across (8) [S→B]
F5: Power of the presidency (4) [Ad→Al]
E3: Bind with metal (4) [B→P]
C8: A bundle of grain (often 2 wds.) (10) [F→R]
C2: Place you could find "southwest.com" (7) [C→H]
H4: Sorceress (5) [G→P]