May the Shortz Be With You

From '06 on, Will began lending his signature stylings to a completely different blockbuster series.

You may find the following chronology helpful:

2006: Will Shortz lies on his tummy to solve some puzzles.

2007: Will Shortz is a smiley face.

2008: Will Shortz places an apple on top of his puzzles.

2009: Will Shortz dares to put some letters on a checkerboard.

2010: Will Shortz eats some habaneros.

2011: Will Shortz carries a supreme pizza to his solvers.

2012: Will Shortz travels in a hot-air balloon.

2013: Will Shortz gives the OK to another pizza.

2014: Will Shortz dresses up as Uncle Sam.

2015: Will Shortz goes skiing.