Mad Dogs

Each of these matches looks to be a real dogfight. I wonder what the nickname of the winner will be?

Jamar "The Terrapin" Smith vs. Omar "The Miner" Thomas

Brett "The Buffalo" Brady vs. Cameron "The Panther" Wright

T. J. "The Longhorn" Ford vs. Joseph "The Bulldog" Barber

Jeffrey "The Commodore" Taylor vs. Isaiah "The Racer" Canaan

Chris "The Wildcat" Mills vs. Steve "The Bronco" Nash

Howard "The Cardinal" Wright vs. Marc Brown

Corey "The Gator" Brewer vs. Stephen "The Bobcat" King

Andre "The Tiger" Young vs. Laurence "The Tiger" Bowers

Scott "The Wolf" Wood vs. Jake "The Owl" O'Brien

Keith "The Rebel" Carter vs. Bryce "The Crusader" Drew