Solution - Luna Park

by Mike Sylvia and Jeffrey L Harris

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Luna Park - idea by Jeffery Harris, execution by Mike Sylvia

Each image is the first half of one of Futurama character Hermes Conrad's recurring "Sweet X of Y" exclamations. Numbers index into the second half:

g sweet georgia brown of kinGston town

o sweet sacred boa of western and eastern samOa

o sweet lion of ziOn

d sweet file-not-found of puget sounD

n sweet lamprey of saNta fe

e sweet manatee of galilEe

w sweet guinea pig of Winnipeg

s sweet giant anteater of Santa anita

i sweet gorilla of manIla

t sweet three-toed sloth of ice planet hoTh

s sweet dodo of leSotho

b sweet tornadoes of barBados

e sweet freak of mozambiquE

n sweet honeybee of infiNity

d sweet squid of maDrid

l sweet candelabra of La habra

e sweet ego of montEgo

t sweet dehydration of every naTion

So, GOOD NEWS! IT'S BENDLET! Call that in.