Ladder Dogs

Ladder dogs keep a sliding ladder from slipping a rung or moving an extra rung up.

He can really make a Toy Poodle's tail pound loudly

Best friend of dog returns for war briefly

Girl lost without Doberman at the front

Chihuahua's well being? Unfortunately, not good

Reportedly, not many will feed a Greyhound?

Head of hair on a Chow Chow by the ears

Officially mark animal that barks and does tricks with a ball

Basset hound bears third son

Asta really holds on to celebrity

Feminine side of tailless dog, for example

Trunk comes from pooches' torsos

TV dog living in Seattle found in whirlpool by the Sound

It's a lucky thing Britain is surrounded by more than half of fleas

Gets better commands for a dog to follow when spoken

Playwright's rabid Boston Terrier losing to terror

Go walking around for a word with Rover

Note mangy dog come up a second time

Taunt Zero as "transparent" partially

Twenty judge a dog show, perhaps

In Europe, regionally elevated dog food shortage in east

Dogs of an African breed lacking as movie dogs

Six Airedales in the lead in a vehicle with fancy food

It has parts that are bent like a dog's leg — sounds rough

Pointer barked and he muttered obscenities

Confronted, I'd feed mongrel

When you're dog tired you need this: Hawaii, then start tour in Australia

Whipped and ordered a sled with husky in the lead

Mastiffs primarily upset makeshift cradle

Jewish texts speak of a sign in the sky northwest of Canis Major and Orion

A Vice Admiral with Red Setter attending Church of England is a sin

Mathematicians and chefs at times put up resistance to people who control their dogs

Made a dog into a God, for example... or the other way around; it's the same thing

Great Dane's tail entrancing ER staff is relevant

Again bring into line strange forces overwhelming Underdog initially

Chinese breed drops plush tail for a massage

Dog measurement taken by hand — in other words, length

Arizona is getting short mixed breed with height and angles used to locate points

Disdainful spelunker takes Boxer

Running out of energy, drinks water like a dog in last part of spring