Solution - It's A Long Story

by Phil Webster

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ORIGINAL STORY (extraction letters bolded):

A very interesting read. God, it needs a good edit! Ned.

During a winter in London, Louisfelt lonely. Yearning, visits in Zanzibar seemed ever elusive, a fantasy long overdue. Whiling away winter as young Londoners at the eateries raved over new escapades, Louis itched very intensely, wanting adamantly some serious opportunity. No escape awaited readily. "I must travel or go extinct!" thought the ornery Yankee.

Out under rainy clouds, a regular young orphan used misty eyes and nose to heckle each new innocent camera-wielding American. Nothing seemed novel anymore. "Good morning, and cheerio!" a clueless American declared.

Irritated, Louis looked askance, checking his email. Cocky, kitschy, witless intruder! Louis lamented internally. They're here every night, being all goofy and naming every wisecrack. Americans can't use respect abroad! While his Yankee times haunted even now, it came as no surprise. Even England is not your own, unless it needs pariahs and rebels. I seek belonging everywhere, visiting Ireland, France, Ukraine, Senegal... still I feel restive every time I...

Louis looked gloomily over mail and now it came: a delivery. Unbelieving, Louis looked dubiously up. My brother can really access Zanzibar! Yelling, cheering, out went a buoyant old Yankee, frolicking, reading over messages, now of cavalier anticipation:

Louis, my doubts evaporated! Looking long, I believe events, very imminent, will open up locked doors. May I send sea ticket? Hoping expected events ensue. -- Vince

Eagerly reading, it was only one yard out until answering:

Send it! Soon I will arrive. Sensing a trend, tingling, hoping events fly and really happen immediately. -- Louis

Louis spun when he envisioned new wanderings. Elder brother, excellent Vince, so perfectly open, knowing every need! Eagerly and rapidly, any day, riding a boat, racing over a dark yawing ocean! Until every piece is confirmed, stop the yelling, Louis. I should try waiting - ever reasonable, ever dogged.

Readying every single suitcase, every duffel, uselessly putting some other holdalls in places that he espied, Louis only could await letters sent, for really one more task or running out never took out waiting. Even now the trip only yawned open. Until recently so heartbroken or woeful, so openly sad, Louis only waited now, overjoyed with coming onto a chance he was expecting.

Finally Louis' email was there: one glorious electronic ticket! Thrill of thrills! He escaped shipboard, heading out with inevitable suspense. At night going nutty, only when a pier showed anon Louis managed a serene smile. With energy ever tingling, at last arriving, really knowing that unless nothing emerged as suitable, chance and newness beckoned, every breath ecstatic.

"Vince, brother eldest! Egad, Vince, every rocking felt really eternal!" Eagerly beckoning, even Vince was excited. "Come along now, come, Louis! All is made accessible. Ready?" As big brother idly fawned, raving over many things, he expectantly observed little details. "Really, it's very exciting. Ready, I say!! As I did indicate, chance and networking have availed new good chances, and now you observe us taking heart."

Even now it seemed he absorbed newness. Going into neighborhood ghettos, a big, ominous orangutan nibbled starfruit; inquisitive natives gaped, inspecting new gringos; numerous ornate weavings hung about; redolent spices hung in many a niche.

"I can see us coming here as full owners. Oh Louis, a lucky omen!" Vince exclaimed. "Region for region, only Malawi and Senegal feature as rich a commercial ordinance. Really, new emporia readily can amass many eager new employees. And rivals in different environs simply pale."

"All I really expected, dear man, is now evidently here. Upon morning, once rested, we'll assess specifics." And so Louis edged easily past fear.

Once risen, new opportunities beckoned early. "Vince, I have every address researched. Daily I come across new stores. I needs get a serious financer. I never ever believed even Vince himself ever could actually nail such exuberant new diversity."

Asking kindly in numerous districts, Louis assessed several storefronts, ultimately purchasing a haberdashery in District Eight. Opening up said store took real energy, even though it all made the horrible English period in old urbanity seem pallid. If Louis got really irritated, making some onerous call and lacking mental focus, remembering once made all projects as easy as nothing.

A daily occurrence, getting hats equipped was a seriously energetic venture. Inevitably, Louis took on many individual makes: Icelandic caps, ayams, shakos -- wigs, even! Luckily, Louis inventoried daily, organizing lists in duplicate, undoing many brown boxes, racking up the east wall and itemizing little arbitrary shop assets.

Finally, opening! Old Louis had a ragged day, yawning as sleepiness snuck forward. Opening really is wearying old uppity Louis determined. I'm whipped! I need a nap! Yawning tiredly, he indeed napped groggily, bouncing awake constantly. Knowing it felt errant, Louis left at last light. When a store finally is newly and lovingly started, often the real agony getting it commenced amplifies fatigue, a lagging Louis declared.

Rolling along by day, resting evenings, all real yearning now only waning, a fretful Louis unwound now, knowing youth and laughter. Only smiles ever remained, and buyers of old bowlers abounded. Dressed up dudes came upon marvelous and magnificent old rogatywkas or newer Arab fezzes. Older religious men eyed rumals, looked over vueltiaos, examined really interesting berets -- even very stodgy homburgs. Everyone was a shopper, and bought a dapper bonnet. Realistically, only a dour ingrate can actually not buy really interesting new gear, unless suspecting a sham.

Hours in, Vince became edgy. Very funny, Louis. You float royally on my alms. Many a night I arduously researched avenues, verified every real insight, sought higher investments Vince thought. Heck, equitably even you owe us real bucks! As customers kept flocking, outrage roiled and made anger really keen. Seething eventually, even regular usual nonsense offended, for filial ideals seemed cut off.

Finally finding a tiny minutia younger Louis overlooked, Vince exploded: "These hats embarrass! Don't even veto it!" Louis was agape. "Seriously?! It took such hard effort! Forget all reason, forget any resentment - this one opening came!" Louis exclaimed. "Vince, every reason for opening remains! My every action came lovingly!"

Easing, Vince eventually relented. Damned envy! Vince internally opened up. Seeing our new enterprise boom... emoted Vince, Seeing him execute each very elegant role, my younger brother evoked such tremendous lack of virtue. Every worry, opened newly, is there. Why? I thought him only naive, eccentric, feckless, or useless. Louis made it now, definitively, and you evilly forgot one rule: Don't usurp my brother's important success. Envy, envy, my evil downfall! Seek a detente, for unless nearly now you have a major turnaround, he'll eventually cease our mingling. I can't allow niggardly thoughts. I can't allow fighting. OK, OK...

"Louis... sorry! What I said hatefully and wickedly isn't so!" He was abashed. "So my indiscretion needs explaining." Louis, once vehement, eased in manner. "Ah, Louis, only now envy and niggardliness dominated, and led a crotchety kook to hateful expression. When hate overcame logic, even the obvious was not immediately seen. Any gains remain all yours."

Joy overcame younger Louis easily. Seeing such majorly intense repentance, enmity became ever vaguer. "Really, one doesn't even ask for a reason. Why have you gone on? Only now may I newly evince gratitude. Looking out over me, our partnership, our enterprise... my heart aches! I know us. I see you own up and do understand." Louis laughed. "Please accept, no gaffe affects kinship, ever!"

Even now Louis one night got into new games. Growing restive over wine, it never got so old, for the evening ritual seemed ordinary now. Often, when it came, a new breathtaking electronic game took hold, each episode becoming extended. Very best efforts availed, for a resolute novice only would act young in early logins. During ever refined interplay, Louis earned a very extensive year of user reviews, taking each as some incentive.

Now gaming and managing a new growing racket overtook with intensity. Never getting sleep, taking really outrageous naps, getting ever rougher -- it had a detriment to health. Eventually, facing an imminent ragged burnout, Louis, in some serious trouble, opted to use radical new internal treatments. Taking obscure supplements or new gastrointestinal formulas only rarely yielded outcomes, until, when he emailed New York, one unusual new gastric medicine expert became engaged. Calling on many interns, new gastric acid medicine assuaged nauseous guts.

Eventually the treatment inhibited nausea. Get wise! I see exertion really is finite. I need diversions I can actually navigate. Being radical is not good, allowed Louis. Let your one, undemanding diversion evoke many ordinary night's sleep. Owning up to it will initiate less lingering stress. Take all your passions less urgently - maybe by having a placid pastime you'll ultimately play things improvedly, Louis admitted.

Days and years instantly seemed as short as uphill rides. Operations ran always better. Even Vince became eventually very trusting. Rapidly, years all washed away. Growing easily restless and concerned, Louis - inevitably, maybe - became hellbent, even choosing to initiate closing the old longstanding organization. Gladly I came, seeking eagerly. Even knowing my young blood, I'm jaded. Operating under a slightly younger outlook, unfamiliar settings tantalized. I realize usual people take heart experiencing ordinariness, Louis deliberated. Perhaps I need inordinate novelty. Get yourself out, unless feeling ordinary rouses you!

Once understanding his attitude, the haberdashery aficionados fell into real melancholy, as realization meant it would imminently leave. Louis said adieus. Yokels yelled out: "Until later Louis, bye!" Even ardent brother elder Vince, who held out secret expectations, desisted as yokels screamed "Ciao!"

Raising energy as tasks emerged, daily a buzz upheld. Zip, zip! Beelike, eager, giddy Louis avidly divested finances; ordered resources; made exits; began egress. Vince idly watched, a sad soul, openly feeling a real melancholy as nights in closeness became imperiled. Joy overcame umbrage, for only relations imply togetherness. "Off, you old ugly wag! All strayers do return, and, being a dicey universe, my brother, go use your best energies. Navigate under many banners, you old ugly idiot! My dear, unusual, manic brother!"

Standing tearfully, in lamentation, Louis indeed looked earnest and regretful. Now growing eager to talk in new gravity, they held each rare, exquisite, last impression.

"Vince, these heady events seem extravagant, but even this terrific escapade ran short. Heading out will allow clarity. Let's earnestly avow: rest rarely, and never doubt one must meet up later. Ta-ta!!"

I'm pleased, Liv - excellent! Let's edge toward the end revelation.

[LEVEL 1 – First letters]

As hinted by the flavor text, extracting the first letter from each word in the original story (bolded above) yields an entirely new story:

SECOND LEVEL STORY (extraction letters bolded)

A virgin agenda will fly, viz., see a flow -- a way later one, Liv.

I was so near! I'm to get to your car. You mean then I can snag Mac a Cadillac? Heck, will I then bag a new Acura? Why, then I can see in you in Paris, Bev!

I fuss, I fret. I'll go manic, a dull, dumb, crazy cow. A boy from no calm dell, I. Bev, I would miss thee ever. I woo you as is.

I was at the far hills when we, Bev, spoke near a drab road. You, epic stylist, were dressed up so hip, the locals from Toronto went to your show. So slow now, coach we flew to get to the show.

I sang now, a psalm, as sweet a lark tune as can be: "Bev, be ever free! Bev, we can claim a rabbi from the old river! I said I can hang, can you? Then is hanging a boon?" Singing now harsh, I, manic, such a fool!

A lover from as far a corner came near. I despaired! Mine humor was asleep, for no Bev I heard. "I can sing as fine, Bev! He can send a kind lass up a hideous street! I am the pious pilgrim so calm from a paean. A dog, he was, evil to mimic a swell idol. I, dumb brute, wail as a foolhardy ass, for I would I win anything back."

I fell; all was final. So tragic a fall! Drab, dreary, now a flunky, a loser, a boob, a dud cum a moron, a former lover, I.

Bev, she was a bad broad. I can bring us a shiv! Bev, fly from a man? I, a raver, I shiv thee! Your back, for a mark. See, run off - I scoff at my love. The devil, was it she, far, far too clever for me? A clever, devious one, Bev. She, ever my best love, won it with one foul mind.

Aye, for dumb I seemed, sad funny ham, the comic antic. A fool's wish, a wish was mine love. I'm alone, and alack the whole town is a gray, joyless mire. Bev rode afar - why go on? Mine gloom, O poem, haiku, is you. A dull pang, a keen longing, growing softer.

So now I can beg thee, Bev: Be afar! Now a yielder, I leave your teasing, a man growing stronger. I had the fair bliss to turn it to song for you when young. Me, becoming a man, getting wiser, I find I can bring all you demons out. I will stay plumb happy, up 'til a day is as aurora.

Bev, Bev! Try a wager, a climb, hectic, to logic. Seek, my bijou, as you stir up the old pining. You - for you hath a firm arm - I will say you'll be a Bev whose days created a buzz. Be glad for me, Bev. I was so far manic, bijou, for I, to you, was drab, a dumb guy. Benumb you! I'm dumb; still, I learn.

Getting there, Liv. These better show a clear random multiple letter.

[LEVEL 2 – Last letters]

The trailing editor's note from the first story ("I 'm pleased, Liv - excellent! Let's edge t oward the end revelation. ") as well as the leading comment on this story, both indicate that this editing round should focus on last letters of each word (bolded above). Extracting all of the final letters from this second-level story yield the next story:

THIRD LEVEL STORY (extraction letters bolded)

Analyze away, revisor.

Motor running, cackling away, nine nuns visit local byway. Mom livid; serious sisters never abducted pope's motor. Wow! Whew! Otoe wigwam stakes never even maimed riding nuns. Gang, which alarms rare riders, providing seven dads' pastimes. Mom manages local libel, says riding kills local byway.

Arab adman arrives, adding savvy mania: River kraken! Fifty eels! Terror rears every tenth elder biddy. Mecca shah seemed keen, says everyone. Mom, usual gang growing ever warier. Gang riders outgrow grunge. Gang, riding lustily, byplays savvy Arab. Cocky, usurped guru hammily leaves.

Dazed revisor, curious baby, bumbling ever warmer.

[LEVEL 3 – Multiple letter anywhere]

Once again the trailing editor's note provides the clue for the next level: multiple repeated letters within each words (bolded above):

FOURTH LEVEL STORY (extraction letters bolded)

Aaron cannily missed powwow. Seeming harried, small silly aardvark ferreted cheese. Mugger groggily vacuumed rubber.

[LEVEL 4 – Double letters together]

At this point no hint is needed - the double letters in every word are quite obvious. Extracting them yields the final clue phrase: