I Never Promised You A Rows Garden

When Opus needs to get away from the chaos of the world (and the cable news networks), he loves to go frolic in a beautiful garden of blooms. This... may not be what he had in mind.


  1. See below
  2. Red tourmaline
  3. Funnel-shaped, anatomically
  4. Of the upper arm / Exceed in castigation
  5. Woos with music / Sprinkling with water or dirt
  6. Having a little lid? / Parties who bring suits to court
  7. Metallic support arches (2 words) / Took out a loan / Comfy corner
  8. Worthy of great respect / Critics of seniority? / Conductor's jingling ticket impaler (2 words)
  9. One who creates handles? / Sketched afresh / Innermost fetal membranes
  10. Mail man / Strong desire to change one's anatomical gender
  11. Long-sighted instruments / Far from moderate state
  12. Backsides, in anatomy / Not discouraged
  13. Church governments by bishops
  14. One who adds comments
  15. Show-biz job
  • United States namesake Vespucci
  • Sporting the least hair
  • Engaged in fisticuffs
  • Hutu land
  • Improver, as in text
  • Sizeable unit of explosive force
  • Without exaggeration or embellishment
  • A small taxi
  • Ratings for gasoline
  • Areas of deep sea visible from shore
  • Lier
  • In terms of three dimensions
  • Allow to go free, as from a prison gang
  • Spayed or neutered
  • A cloth worn on the sleeve by active military personnel
  • New International and King James
  • Skirt's complement
  • Wilkes, to Sheldon, in a Stephen King novel
  • Employs strenuous effort
  • Roar like a yokel
  • Showing compassion for others
  • Never do this when dragons fly overhead (2 words)
  • Outside parts of ears
  • Turn up (for duty)
  • Handed on, by oral tradition
  • Earth tremors
  • Rarely heard piece of music on the radio, composed for six
  • Everyone's least favorites
  • Early measurements of length
  • Looping device, for hair
  • Shift to the right
  • Event or celebration for newly-wed couples
  • War of 1950 - 1953
  • "How-to" guide
  • Examined deeply
  • Rectifies laces that have come undone
  • English, as spoken in Liverpool
  • Skillfully trapped