Solution - Aborigine Dream Fragment

by Mark Halpin

Answer: Click here to reveal

The image shown in this dream fragment is a Rainbow Serpent with a body consisting of three distinct sections, and each section comprising seven equally sized "scales". One scale in each section is clearly divided into two half-sized sections:

  • Section 1: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, [Violet / Violet]
  • Section 2: Red, Orange, Yellow, [Green / Green], White, Indigo, Violet
  • Section 3: Red, [Orange / Orange], Yellow, Green, White, Indigo, Violet

The whitened blue and indigo scales are an allusion to the puzzle Blazing Trails (whose answer INDIGO BLUE is a mini-round whose answer is WHITENED) and which references the Rainbow Serpent in the puzzle's own clues.

There are exactly three single words clues that are 8 letters long and contain a double letter. These map uniquely to the patterns on the snake, with the letters falling into the white spaces spelling the dream fragment answer EAT (i.e. WARINE[SS], ABE[RR]ANT, A[SS]ORTED).