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Time Is Out of Joint

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In 1700, ABCDEFG is etched into the ground in Massachusetts. Below is written the following:

Jan 17, 1875,  1:11 PM

Caesar shift forwards by 15.

Sep  6, 1752, 11:20 AM

Caesar shift forwards by 8.

Aug  3, 1975,  9:04 PM

Caesar shift the second letter backwards by 8.

Apr 19, 1769,  3:15 PM

For any letter which is also in the word JOUSTING, replace it with the corresponding letter in HANDGRIP.

Oct 25, 1992,  1:49 AM

Replace the first letter with a copy of the fourth letter.

Apr 26, 1970,  2:32 AM

Replace the last three letters with OWN.

Feb 29, 1800,  2:30 PM

Replace the third letter with C.

Aug  3, 1975,  9:05 PM

Rotate left by one letter (that is, move the first letter to the end).

Oct 25, 1992,  1:13 AM

Swap the first two letters; then rotate left by two.

Jul 17, 2025,  3:22 AM

Swap the fourth and fifth letters with the sixth and seventh letters.

Oct 12, 1920,  1:09 AM

Swap the fourth and fifth letters.