Location: Atlantis, Spiky Tower
Depth: 460

Solution to The Sun Will Come Out

by halftime and Elizabeth Krueger


The set of funky strings at the top all represent words of the form "XorY", after the ASCII characters in X and Y have been bitwise-or'ed together. For instance, the first string is TOMORROW (TOM or ROW):

T 1010100   O 1001111   M 1001101
R 1010010   O 1001111   W 1010111
V 1010110   O 1001111   _ 1011111

Here are all of them:

VO_       TOM or ROW
UWW       ASS or TED    
MON       MON or AIL
WW         SW or DS
COO       COL or ADO
_EV       REF or MAT
CGW       ABS or BED
WOD       END or SED
_]         ST or MY

In the second half of the puzzle, each of these parts is clued by two separate clues (e.g., the answer to two of these clues is TOM):

A good spot for sleepingBED
A Rasta's way of addressing you, perhapsMON
Actor SelleckTOM
All _____ ChildrenMY
Ave., lane, or blvd.ST
Belonging to number oneMY
Big hooplaADO
Big noisy fightROW
Cause distress toAIL
Clock's faceDIAL
Counterpart of an odd?END
Dir. from Simmons Hall to WestgateSW
Div. within a sports leagueCONF
Eng.'s specialty, maybeSW
Feel not quite goodAIL
First word of sitcom starring CalistaALLY
Gorillas in the _____MIST
Handheld console produced by Nintendo (abbr.)DS
Hunger Games characterPRIM
It has "Ideas Worth Spreading"TED
Jerry's foeTOM
Man who arbitrates a sports gameREF
Meeting (abbr.)CONF
Much _____ About NothingADO
Muscles by the bellyABS
One maker of soap productsDIAL
Phenomenon caused by water droplets suspended in midairMIST
Safety feat. in a vehicleABS
Sect. in a libraryREF
Sequence of thingsROW
Shell command for parsing and transforming textSED
Short-term employeeTEMP
Subpar gradesDS
Thirst, in GuadalajaraSED
Title for a miracle worker (abbr.)ST
Titular fuzzy bear played by Seth MacFarlaneTED
Tomorrow, given that yesterday was Sat.MON
Vertical region within a spreadsheet (abbr.)COL
Very properPRIM
Wheel of Time characterMAT
Where flowers may growBED
Who a maj. might answer toCOL
You put it on the floor by the front doorMAT

Each clue in the list additionally has a character to the left of it. OR-ing the two characters outputs a letter. For example:

C - Actor Selleck
q - Jerry's foe

Performing an OR operation on the letters C and q yields the letter s.

C 01000011
q 01110001
s 01110011

The initial sequence of strings indicates how to order these extracted letters:

VO_      TOM or ROW     s t
UGG      ASS or TED     a r
MON      MON or AIL     t w
T[IM    PRIM or DIAL    i t
UMMY    TEMP or ALLY    h S
WW        SW or DS      H O
COL      COL or ADO     P W
_EV      REF or MAT     e n
BGW      ABS or BED     d w
W_D      END or SED     i t
_]        ST or MY      h K
OO_V    CONF or MIST    E R

The cluephrase is startwithSHOPWendwithKER, which can be combined to clue the answer, SHOPW(OR)KER.