Location: School of Fish
Depth: 290

Solution to The Resistance

by Eleanor Lin

Answer: BOONE

Each resistor represents a country which has a flag with three horizontal stripes. These three stripes can be interpred as resistor values. In each diagram, there is one numbered resistor R? with unknown resistance which has a voltmeter around it with the corresponding voltage drop across the resistor. The rest of the resistors have a two letter subscript where the letters are the top level domain code of the country. For example RHU is Hungary which has a flag with red, white and green stripes, giving it a resistance of 2.9 MΩ. One can solve for the resistor value for the unknown resistor which maps to a unique country flag. One can then index into the country name by the integer voltage reading of the voltmeter and extract one letter per circuit and get the answer BOONE.