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Solution to The Misspelled Insects

by Jennifer Tang; clue writing help by Alan Tang; T-shirt logistics and distribution by Molly Kosiarek


Each clue is a rough paraphrase of the lyrics to a Beatles song, with the clues given in alphabetical order of song.

Clue LetterLyric LetterIndex NumberCluesSong LyricTitle of song
sl10Syllables spray like springtime showers into a disposable chaliceWords are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cupAcross the Universe
Bo2I beseech you to return your finger ornament in exchange for your liberty to leave with another manYou give back your ring to me, and I will set you free. Go with himAnna*
oo2You stash your cash in a bag in a location with stags and crustaceansYou keep all your money in a big brown bag inside a zooBaby You’re a Rich Man
wk9I pass out when seeing the women in a country of recent political turmoilWell the Ukraine girls really knock me outBack in the USSR
la2Flutter with your damaged limbsTake these broken wings and learn to flyBlackbird
tt6He went out hunting Shere Khan with Dumbo and a firearmHe went out tiger hunting with his elephant and gunContinuing story of Bungalow Bill, (The)
Lt16Will you join in a pleasurable activity my darling common senseDear Prudence, won’t you come out to play?Dear Prudence*
Us17You make me very befuddled McGuire with all that stones and whirlingYou make me dizzy miss Lizzy, the way you rock and rollDizzy Miss Lizzy*
hh23But it begins when I have a chauffeurBut I’ve found a driver and that’s a startDrive My Car
Ei5She fetched a countenance from the container at the entranceWearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the doorEleanor Rigby*
er4Other than Curious George and myself, the rest of the world doesn’t always shareEverybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkeyEveryone’s Got Something to Hide Excpet Me and My Monkey
yt19To keep myself from daydreaming, I’m patching a leakI’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in, and stops my mind from wanderingFixing a Hole
ds9The tusked marine mammal was an apostleThe walrus was PaulGlass Onion
oi5Lack of grief is a not cool 9 millimeterHappiness is a warm gunHappiness is a Warm Gun
snSodium x11na na na na na na naaaaa! na na na naaaa!Hey Jude
Fc12Singer known for “Music”, but with little kidsLady Madonna, children at your feetLady Madonna*
ee6And when the downtrodden citizens of our planet come to termsAnd when the broken hearted people living in the world agreeLet it Be
In4Available to grab some English breakfast with me?When are you free to take some tea with me?Lovely Rita*
Ne8With greens that are citrusy and air that is jelly-likeWith tangerine trees and marmalade skiesLucy in the Sky with Diamonds*
ex3The Scottish mathematical physicist and American inventor is in the department to prevent illnessMaxwell Edison, majoring in medicineMaxwell’s Silver Hammer
it10Cruel condiment-colored Col. character from Clue is caught catnapping in the CommonsMean Mr. Mustard sleeps in the parkMean Mr. Mustard
Cs6The vocabulary that I use you can comprehendI will say the only words I know that you’ll understandMichelle*
nt4Aren’t Scandinavian energy sources great?Isn’t it good? Norwegian woodNorwegian Wood
ta4West Siberian River Los Angeles Two, West Siberian River Los Angeles something VinciObla di Obla daObla di Obla da
Hg7She’s so hot even though she kind of looks like a dudeShe’s so good looking but she looks like a manPolythene Pam*
pe16You say you want a spin around the sunYou say you want a revolutionRevolution 1
yi21You better escape while you can, my little pretty, and mimic an ostrich tooYou better run for your life if you can, little girl, hide your head in the sand little girlRun For Your Life
es8Will you require and accommodate me when I’m an old Nintendo console?Will you still need me? Will you still feed me, when I’m 64?When I’m 64
eo2Method of uncreasing your affectionsHow to unfold your loveWhile My Guitar Gently Weeps
yn6Would you like to hide the salami on the pavement?Why don’t we do it in the road?Why Don’t We Do It in the Road
ii1I become euphoric with a hand from my buddiesI get high with a little help from my friendsWith a Litte Help From My Friends
rt22Romance was a simple diversionLove was such an easy game to play?Yesterday

Identify the songs and index into the original song lyrics using the position of the underlined letter. This gives the clue phrase LOOK AT TSHIRT SINCE NEXT STAGE IS ON IT.

The Kickoff t-shirt looks like this:

Using the Kickoff t-shirt, arrange the puzzle pieces into a 12-piece jigsaw puzzle. The phrase SORT BUBBLES W/ LEAGUES is written out.

Identify the 9 letters on the shirt that are touching bubbles, virtually substituting LEAGUES for PUZZLES (letter by letter). Then sort by bubble size to get LADYSONGS (There is also a bubble which can represent the space between LADY SONGS, but it is not necessary to get this).

Return to the puzzle, and identify the 9 songs with female names in the title. Take the underlined letters from the clues in order to get the final answer: BLUEFINCH.