Location: Chemistry Lab

The Misspelled Insects

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Syllables spray like springtime showers into a disposable chalice

I beseech you to return your finger ornament in exchange for your liberty to leave with another man

You stash your cash in a bag in a location with stags and crustaceans

I pass out when seeing the women in a country of recent political turmoil

Flutter with your damaged limbs

He went out hunting Shere Khan with Dumbo and a firearm

Will you join in a pleasurable activity my darling common sense

You make me very befuddled McGuire with all that stones and whirling

But it begins when I have a chauffeur

She fetched a countenance from the container at the entrance

Other than Curious George and myself, the rest of the world doesn’t always share

To keep myself from daydreaming, I’m patching a leak

The tusked marine mammal was an apostle

Lack of grief is a not cool 9 millimeter

Sodium x11

Singer known for “Music”, but with little kids

And when the downtrodden citizens of our planet come to terms

Available to grab some English breakfast with me?

With greens that are citrusy and air that is jelly-like

The Scottish mathematical physicist and American inventor is in the department to prevent illness

Cruel condiment-colored Col. character from Clue is caught catnapping in the Commons

The vocabulary that I use you can comprehend

Aren’t Scandinavian energy sources great?

West Siberian River Los Angeles Two, West Siberian River Los Angeles something Vinci

She’s so hot even though she kind of looks like a dude

You say you want a spin around the sun

You better escape while you can, my little pretty, and mimic an ostrich too

Will you require and accommodate me when I’m an old Nintendo console?

Method of uncreasing your affections

Would you like to hide the salami on the pavement?

I become euphoric with a hand from my buddies

Romance was a simple diversion