Location: Graveyard
Depth: 327

The Curse of the Atlantean's Tomb

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1. Exercises back muscle between turnovers
5. Pillages with headless hot irons
6. Coat with one half quart on the outside
8. Elk, 'roos mix in storage
9. Worth breaking a tin cog
11. Martin V disturbed a wild animal, such as a fox
13. Battle of Thermopylae leaders were stole
15. Deserved victory was reversed recently
17. Oddly, Loki put into caskets caused quarrels
18. Perversely, it began singing loudly
19. Petulantly put up a trial balloon?
21. Girl harboring beginnings of heavy addiction prompts disasters
22. Polemarch, gutted, is a barker
23. Swagger about with absurd trust
25. Electricity indirectly following coat of varnish?
27. Invents appliance store
28. Very big sounds found in your office
30. Many members of a house
32. Breezing through parts of the lungs
34. Enthalpy relative lacks
35. One hundred fifty stuffed in a box at your fingertips
37. Pair a second time about fire starter
40. 100 cents, in some places speaking point-blank
42. Short rib
43. Nice street to regret
44. Secret, with the lid off, is known
45. Game alteration evens out moose
47. Adjust out of time, then faint
48. Promise a lookup every second
49. Awards initially entertained my mother's younger sister
51. Pair of ends in small killers
52. Till mixed poker game
53. Indian state is very much in tempo
54. When pigs fly from one vermin
55. Jack sat outside packaging
56. Blacked out when former lover mentioned


1. Silk velvet and eggs to start after French bread
2. Banks made of muddy silts
3. Irrational number in cot changing the subject
4. Contraband weapons for mythical destroyer
5. First-year players on Denver team
7. Dizzy swine falls between tenors with matching sweaters
8. Baiters caught king's stalkers
10. Wilder relative's beginning
11. Measure void, lacking an irrational beginning
12. Forbidden drum
13. Strand the Spanish in prehistoric hotel
14. The ram makes an effort
15. German hunter can get one drunk
16. Fretsaw disfigured those who serve
17. A bunch of baloney about shifting sea bottoms
20. Part of royal Tahitian resort city
21. Wetter critter
22. ASAP, alter ruined school for wrestlers
24. One who allows art looter to regroup
26. Stylist for twisted office use
27. Metallic elbow guards fruit sellers
29. Chicken look is a squinter
31. Having no limits and no ends
33. Furious Republican leader involved in scandalous suffix?
34. Leaders of crowds
35. Revolutionary's small game of tactics
36. Blow horn, opening stand
38. Someone accepting a challenge about Kat's return
39. Raise creator of Jupiter
41. Arrives like Halley
42. Reception was cross, I heard
45. Mother's note contains nothing
46. Wear for a long time
50. Turn the German blue