Location: Atlantis, Golden Tower
Depth: 425

Solution to Tantalum

by John Hawksley

Answer: XENA

Every word is 4 of the last 5 letters of an 8-letter word beginning with TA. The third letters of those words correspond to each consonant, alphabetically.

tabletop    ltop
tactical    tcal
tadpoles    oles
taffetas    feta
tagalong    alng
tahitian    itia
tajmahal    mhal
takeback    ebak
talisman    iman
tamarind    aind
tangible    gble
tapdance    dnce
taqueria    ueia
targeted    getd
tasteful    teul
tattooed    toed
tavernas    enas
tawnyowl    nyol
taxonomy    onoy
tayberry    bery
tazmania    maia

Map the third letter to the other deleted letter as a key in the given ciphertext.

n a m e   o f   w a r r i o r   p r i n c e s s
h j x b   g s   w p m q c t v   d y n z k r l f

This yields the phrase NAME OF WARRIOR PRINCESS, which clues the answer XENA.