Location: Optics Lab

Solution to Optics Lab Meta

by Kendra Beckler


There are seven answers of seven letters each. The answers start with letters ROYGBIV, which we use as an ordering on the answers. Furthermore, each answer is from a puzzle whose telescope (in the round art) has some color bands. Those colors are then used as indices into the answer.


Time is out of Joint                    REPRISE    YGB   PRI
Nina                                    OSMOSIS    OY    SM
Wizardly Tales                          YAHTZEE    OG    AT
Captain Ager's Puzzling Adventure       GRAPHIC    IV    IC
This Puzzle Has No Errata               BLOOPER    BIV   PER
Montages                                ITSCOOL    RYGB  ISCO
Wait, What Did You Say?                 VAMPIRE    GV    PE
These letters spell the answer, PRISMATIC PERISCOPE.