Location: Graveyard
Depth: 317

Night of the Living Kraken

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Davy Jones's Locker Seafood Restaurant

Krakens like you enjoy eating animals, so they figure heavily on our menu. Each dish is described and pictured. Try to guess how we're going to prepare it!


The Artist

Pizza covered with ooze toxic enough to make this your last supper. This dish's ingredients were all harvested from the New York City sewers.

The Boss

A maki roll with smoked salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese, and a cheesesteak. All of the ingredients for this dish were hung up like slabs of meat and pounded to tenderize them.

The FBI Informant

Three mojitos and two dozen yogurts. All of the ingredients for this dish were burned in Miami before being shipped here.

The Knight

Turnips, carried up the side of a mountain in a basket, and a piece of fish blackened to perfection. Harvested daily from the nearest river, run as fast as you can to get a taste while it's still fresh. At just nine pennies, this dish is a bargain.

The Midwife

This dish could be anything not typically found on a kids' menu. Of course, there aren't any kids around these days, so that's just about anything. The ingredients are all foreign; we're pro-immigrant here.

The Receiver

Richard Nixon's favorite -- the only thing he's requested specifically. The ingredients for this meal were planted in Ohio in 1960, then put back there in 1983.

The Trader

Whatever's popular in London these days. The ingredients for this dish were paid for with the proceeds from credit default swaps. The estimates for the cost of ingredients varies, from as low as $1.4 billion all the way up to $9 billion.



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