Location: Pod of Dolphins
Depth: 147

Solution to MiT MYSTERY HUNT

by halftime, Shawn Westerdale, Iolanthe Chronis, and Brad Stronger


These are all phrases that are anagrams of MITMYSTERYHUNT. Take the position of the "i" in the new phrase (as clued by the lowercase "i" in the title), and index into the clue phrase.

Here are the answers to the clues:

Description of vets by a tomcat? (4 4 2 4)they trIm my nuts7P
Two smelly rugby teams? (6 5 3)thIrty musty men3O
Tale of loopy cheapskate? (5 5 4)nutty mIser myth7L
Fido wins poetry slam despite stature? (4 4 6)tIny mutt rhymes2I
Cyan game chicken laying rare earth eggs? (4 7 3)myst yttrIum hen9C
Helpful DNA recommendation to RNA? (4 3 7)must try thymIne12E
Angry cry of herb farmer's heir? (5 2 2 5)thyme In my trust6C
Barney Stinson might hum this when he wants to get laid? (5 5 4)hImym tryst tune2A
Property of even metallic shacks? (3 3 8)tIn hut symmetry2R

The answer is POLICECAR.