Location: Treasure Chest
Depth: 210

Solution to Game

by Shawn Westerdale, Fangfei Shen, and Catherine Olsson


Among the physical puzzles in the treasure chest, the solvers will find a bag containing 7 dice and 6 playing cards. The cards are shown here:

There are also seven dice in the bag. Each of the dice has a color theme based on the two colors that appear on them. This color theme matches with the color theme presented on a card, mapping the dice to the cards.

Left to right: Laughing Man, Iron Man, Aquaman, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Doduo (2 dice), Batman.

Each of the dice is rigged in one fashion or another. The seven dice are rigged as follows:

After extracting the relevant number from each die and pairing the dice with the the cards, you'll find that each card has 6 bold words (with the exception of Doduo, who has 12). For each die (or dice) favoring i, take the ith bold word and sort alphabetically by character name to get the phrase CALL IN CON SOLE LAY SHUN. If you say that out loud, you get the answer, CONSOLATION.