Location: School of Fish
Depth: 128

Solution to Frequency Distribution Tank

by Nathaniel Zuk


There are 26 types of fish in the large image. Each fish represents a letter, and we can deduce which fish is which letter based on the frequencies of letters in English (up to ambiguities for fish whose numbers are identical).

Number of fishLetters
20 E
14 T
12 A
11 O
10 I, N
9 H, R, S
6 D, L
4 C, M, U, W
3 F, G, P, Y
2 B
1 J, K, Q, V, X, Z

From this, we can determine that the answer, written at the bottom in fish, must match [CMUW][HRS]A[HRS][HRS]E[HRS]. One can deduce that the only plausible English word match is CRASHER.