Location: Atlantis, Spotted Tower
Depth: 455

Solution to Foamy

by Kim Baldauf


The solver sees two grid which look like nonograms, also known as Griddlers or Paint by Numbers. However, the second grid is clearly too sparse to be solvable. Furthermore, the sum of the row numbers in the top grid does not match the sum of the column numbers.

In fact, both are part of the same grid, where each cell can be white, red, or black. Furthermore, the difference between the sum of the column numbers and the sum of the row numbers in the top grid is exactly the number of red cells; from this, the solver can guess that red cells are counted as part of the row numbers but not the column numbers. Here is the finished picture:

The grid displays a picture of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The red cells form braille; the braille reads 3 DAY PROBLEM 4 ESSES. (The ⠼ in Braille is used to cue a number.) In the context of The Little Mermaid, this clues the answer VOICELESSNESS.