Location: School of Fish
Depth: 365

Flat Containers

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My love for my pets runs incredibly deep;
My dogs always have somewhere comfy to sleep.
My pugs each have twin beds, and just down the hall
I've got poodles on cots and WITHOUT WITHIN ALL!


On the deck of my sailboat I look up and sigh
And jealously watch as an INNER soars by.
I wish I were OUTER—then I could fly free
And finally get a FULL view of the sea!


Humanity's vices have caused global warming,
And that's why we've had such unusual storming.
Our rules for pollution have been far too lenient.
(It's true, even though it might not be convenient!)
And if you still doubt that the earth will get fried,
There is data COMPLETE—just ask CENTER OUTSIDE!


The answer you seek is WITHIN INNER CENTER
Just string them together and you can press Enter!