Location: Pod of Dolphins
Depth: 131

Solution to Field Trip

by Yi-Hsin Lin and Matthew S. Cain


This puzzle sent solvers to the New England Aquarium, who graciously provided tickets for all the teams! Thanks New England Aquarium! The first step of the puzzle is to find the answers to the worksheet questions. One question comes from each of the 15 major exhibit areas found on the aquarium map (listed in parentheses below).

1. Atlantic stingray (Shark and Ray Touch Tank)

2. Bridled Burrfish (Giant Ocean Tank)

3. Emperor angelfish (Tropical Gallery)

4. Ephyre (Jellies)

5. Eubalaena (Blue Planet Action Center)

6. Ictalurus (Freshwater Gallery)

7. Jonah Crab (Northern Waters Gallery)

8. Naticidae [moon snails] (Edge of the Sea Tidepool)

9. New Zealand (Little Blue Penguins)

10. Ocellated Frogfish (Coral Reef Center)

11. Pinguino II (Rockhopper Penguins)

12. Roxie (Marine Mammal Center)

13. St. Croix (African Penguins)

14. Stable (Harbor Seals)

15. Tubesnout (Temperate Waters Gallery)

Now, these answers get ordered by the exhibit ordering given on the aquarium map:

A. Stable (Harbor Seals)
B. Ephyre (Jellies)
C. Atlantic stingray (Shark and Ray Touch Tank)
D. St. Croix (African Penguins)
E. Eubalaena (Blue Planet Action Center)
F. Roxie (Marine Mammal Center)
G. Pinguino II (Rockhopper Penguins)
H. Emperor angelfish (Tropical Gallery)
I. New Zealand (Little Blue Penguins)
J. Tubesnout (Temperate Waters Gallery)
K. Ictalurus (Freshwater Gallery)
L. Naticidae [moon snails] (Edge of the Sea Tidepool)
M. Jonah Crab (Northern Waters Gallery)
N. Ocellated Frogfish (Coral Reef Center)
O. Bridled Burrfish (Giant Ocean Tank)

Reading down the first letters, we get a cluephrase of SEA SERPENT IN JOB. The sea serpent in the biblical book of Job is the LEVIATHAN which is the answer, and which thankfully cannot be found in the New England Aquarium!