Location: Pod of Dolphins
Depth: 209

Dr. Nautilus's Secret Notes

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Across Clues

  1. Dr. Nautilus's favorite shape
    Firm employee
    One of five in Hamlet
  2. Overactor
    Poem of praise
    Song of praise
    Introduction to Vegas?
  3. Card in a royal flush
    Nice gnome?
    "...like you've had too much wine, that's _____"
    Beverage that may be iced or sweet
  4. Animator's output
    Dwell on (a point)
    Any one of three brothers who fought alongside Holliday
  5. Tolkien character with an accent mark in her name
    Ser's partner in cannon transport
  6. The R in PR
    Mononymous Parks and Recreation actress
    Blood or phlegm
  7. Authentic
    America's largest one is in King of Prussia
    Type of cannon
    Wight, for one
  8. One of many in a flight
    Concept that can be symbolized with two fingers
    Label on a drawer that contains whatever (abbr.)
  9. Cheech's partner in comedy
    Established fact
    Feminine suffix
  10. Like Yogi or Smokey
    Bird of prey
    How German?
  11. Filled (with)
    Even as we speak
  12. Like Gwen Stefani's "Escape"
    Free from (2 words)
  13. Ivory's counterpart
    Far from overdue
    Keyword in a Java method that contains "return;"
  14. Compute
    Item on a desktop
    Unladen weight
  15. Where you might send rambunctious kids to play
Dr. Nautilus's Clues

  • Like particularly egregious fails
  • Colorado ski resort
  • More Brobdingnagian
  • Fitting
  • Conservationist's prefix
  • "Mad" character encountered in the 2014 MIT Mystery Hunt
  • Item stuck to a fridge
  • Not just some people
  • In the altogether
  • Classic adventure game protagonist Calavera
  • Corkscrew-shaped pasta
  • What Mike, Charlie, and Victor all represent
  • Activist played by Julia in 2000
  • Send, as payment
  • Hoagie that might save the day?
  • Christian on film
  • Huffed and puffed
  • The Realm of Unspeakable _____
  • Serf
  • Like the MIT Mystery Hunt
  • "I do" is one
  • Type of clue absent from this puzzle
  • Intellectual conclusion?
  • Many a John Wayne film
  • Like a native of Muscat
  • Like some chambers
  • Pitched (a fit)
  • Alt-rocker who sang about being "un perdedor"
  • In cold storage (2 words)
  • Home of the Senators and Maple Leafs
  • Arizona city mentioned in the second verse of an Eagles song
  • Authentic
  • Org. with a style manual
  • Part of velocity, along with direction
  • Nebraska's largest city
  • The largest object in the asteroid belt
  • Hex
  • Defeats utterly
  • Concept
  • Pint-sized explorer
  • Run, as dye or paint
  • Swindle sheepishly?
  • Meal
  • Comedian Drew
  • When doubled, a city in Washington
  • Tears (into)