Location: Aquatic Acquaintances
Depth: 263

Solution to Dory

by John Hawksley


Each errata changes the associated puzzle, so that one letter of the answer is altered. Take the new letters in order to get the final answer: LOOK BEHIND YOU.

FJF,S: The only place with O's in this puzzle is the final letter grid. Dory's clue suggests that O should be replaced with P, which affects the extraction once: instead of O → R in Dvorak, we use P → L, changing the answer from FREEING to FLEEING.

The Accumulator: The new sentences replace consecutive sentences in the original puzzle, the new words that go in the blanks are {LAB/EATS/FLOAT; DEN/FLAT/GRIMY; FAT/GRIM/PLAIN}. The effect is that FED/FLED/FIELD in the extraction step becomes FAT/FLAT/FLOAT, which changes the answer from LIVE MYRTLE to LOVE MYRTLE.

The Cat's Meow: The second photo in the puzzle is a cat with a comb, which produces the letter A, via cat(A)comb. If you had a cat with an LED instead, you would extract O as in l(O)cated. The answer changes from DANGLE to DONGLE.

Memory Lane: Dory's sentence is another almost mnemonic, in this case ROYGBIV. Since the wrong letter is in the fourth place, it replaces that letter in the extraction and the answer changes from SOAPED to SOAKED.

Takeout Ordering: The clue phrase in the old puzzle was THE WRITING IS BLANK FOR OMEN, which clued ON THE WALL. After the errata, the clue phrase turns into THE WRITING IS BLANK FOR NERF, which changes the answer to ON THE BALL.

People and Places: The clues in each column come in pairs, but knowing how the puzzle works, we actually only need one half. Dory's clue is for Tbilisi State University, which is on the back of the Georgian 5 GEL note, which means the puzzle's answer changes from BOAR THORAX to BEAR THROAX.

Let's Get Submersible!: The new logic puzzle gives away that the top-most frigate is now located one square right of in the original version. (If you solve the puzzle it's otherwise identical.) Applying the original extraction, this changes the answer from SMS POMMERN to HMS POMMERN.

Back on the Move: You are intended to just change the answer from NENA to NINA, on a whim, pursuant to Dory's hint.

Bookshelves: This is a clue for disco(N)tent, which changes the puzzle's answer from CROWDS to CROWNS.

Rectangles: In the last rectangle set, representing Wizard of Oz characters, the star is under the first rectangle. Using the fourth rectangle (Dorothy) instead, changes the answer from RAMBLES to RAMBLED.

A Short Transmission: Adding "What! What!" alters the Morse code representation of the fourth letter from -. to -.--, which changes the puzzle answer from CLAN LAIRD to CLAY LAIRD.

p1ctures: In the original puzzle, there is another image hidden at the 1017th term in the series, which tells you that the answer is changed from EKING to OKING.

Moves: In the same style of the original puzzle, Dory's drawing is a clue for the movie (U)p, changing the answer from SPARE NET to SPARE NUT.