Location: Coral Reef
Depth: 65

Coral Reef Meta

Answer: click here to reveal

Once you have explored enough to develop a new upgrade for your submarine, call it in.

At every stage you will produce a plausible puzzle answer word or phrase.
  1. Alphabetize your answers.
  2. Change the first letter of one entry to M.
  3. Change a cartoon character to the NCAA school that has a sports team exactly named as the color of that character's clothing.
  4. Replace the US Navy Vessel with the first and namesake of its class.
  5. One entry is associated with ancient cultural sites in a Mediterranean country. Replace it with the present day name of that country.
  6. Find an entry containing a number, and another entry that's a member of an ordered list. Switch their numbers.
  7. Take the first letter of the entry prominently featured in the Book of Exodus.
  8. Your list contains at least one double letter. Take the last one.
  9. One entry is a colored solid. Replace it with that color.
  10. Replace the last letter of an entry to form a word that describes Catwoman. Take the new letter.
  11. Replace a country with the longest river running through it. Then switch that entry and the entry that directly precedes it.
  12. Replace the entry with the lowest Scrabble score with its alphabetically first Scrabble legal anagram.
  13. Insert one string of letters into the middle of an entry to make a country. Take the first letter of the string you inserted.
  14. Replace the fifth entry with the longest substring that is a common word.
  15. One entry could have a word added to form the title of a popular rock movie. Replace it with the first name of the lead vocalist of the title song.
  16. Replace a one-word entry with a homophone, then take the fifth letter of the new word, wrapping if necessary.
  17. Remove the last 1/3 of an entry to get a word found in the dictionary.
  18. The entry that currently is second to last alphabetically could have a bigram changed to make something musical. Replace it with a new letter followed by the 5th, 4th, and 2nd letters of that entry.
  19. Shift the first consonant of an entry forward ten letters.
  20. Replace a multi-part name of a person with their first name.
  21. Replace one letter of an entry and anagram to produce something Pablo Picasso does. Take the letter you replaced.
  22. Replace a television show that aired new episodes this century with the network it debuted on.
  23. One entry has a consonant repeated 3 times, and its first 4 letters spell a common word. Replace it with the nth most popular male baby name in the US in 1981, where n is the length of that entry.
  24. Replace one letter in an entry to produce a tropical national capital. Take the new letter.
  25. Shift the first two letters of an entry forward one, then replace the rest with vowels to make a word of the same length.
  26. Delete an E to leave the last name of an American artist whose most famous works involve the use of balloons. Replace the entry with his or her legal first name.
  27. Replace one letter to turn an entry into a word you can play on a piano. Take the new letter.
  28. Replace a country with its capital city.
  29. The third entry in your list is a Hall of Famer. Replace it with the leading Hall of Fame vote getter in the year he made his Major League debut. Shift the first letter backward two places.
  30. One entry could have two letters prepended and its last letter changed, to form a Greek word that might malign a tragic hero. Take the last letter of that entry.
  31. Delete the first letter of one entry.
  32. One entry is the first name of a person that won an unshared Nobel Prize in Economics and holds a PhD from MIT. Replace it with the city that contains the school he or she received a degree from most recently, other than MIT.
  33. Replace the third entry with a new entry that associates with it in a phrase using "and".
  34. Replace or delete a letter from an entry to make the longest river you can.
  35. Find the first entry chain in your list that you haven't extracted anything from yet. Take all cardinal directions that don't appear in the word.
  36. One of your entries appears in the title of a 1968 song. Replace it with the last name of the previous person referenced in that title.
  37. Take the second letter of the entry containing the last palindromic trigram in your list.
  38. Replace a major military victory for the British over the French with the TLD suffix of the country in which that site is currently located.
  39. Replace a playing card with the last word of the last corresponding puzzle title in last year's Hunt. Take the first letter of that word.
  40. Shift the middle letter of an entry, rounded left if necessary, backward four places.
  41. Bombard one of your entries with two alpha particles. Take the chemical symbol of the result.
  42. Append one of the ten most common English words to produce something found on a menu.
  43. Take the first letter of the entry whose portrait appears closest to you.
  44. Take the last letter alphabetically of the entry that currently is first alphabetically.
  45. It's time for dinner! An area in Boston has many restaurants serving one of your entries. Take the second letter of the far-left color on the flag of the country most associated with that area.