Location: Pod of Dolphins
Depth: 87

Solution to Constraint Chef

by Kaia Dekker, Catherine Olsson, Molly Kosiarek, Veronica Boyce, and JB Parkes


Teams were asked to bring us home-made food. If they brought food that met the constraints, they were given the answer CLICKSPAM.

Here's an example >70-point menu that someone on the writing team devised:

Course 1: scalloped potatoes surrounded by mixed vegetables (20) (vegetarian)

make scalloped potatoes, which usually include butter, but use cream instead of milk, and thicken with cornstarch, and use powdered cheese instead of fresh; serve with seaweed, cucumber, carrots, cashews, and cauliflower; shape the potatoes into a fish shape, use veggies to mark eyes, mouth, etc.

Course 2: mixed seafood with bacon (21) (has meat)

Depending on availability of seafood, get at least 2 best choice fish (generally available examples, tilapia, scallops, US catfish); steam one of them (over salt water or milk), bread the other one with a breading made from crackers, goldfish, cornmeal, and spices; serve with crumbled bacon on a boat shaped plate.

Course 3: glazed hardtack with spiced fruit compote (26)

Make hardtack (add the sea salt to the water first, so that no freshwater is used); make a chocolate rum glaze with rum, cocoa powder and powdered sugar; rehydrate dried cranberries and cherries and cook them into a fruit compote spided with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves; add clementines, swedish fish, and tapioca pearls (which were cooked in fruit juice, not water); use cabbage dye tempered with baking soda to color the compote and glazes blue.

Overall: (4)
no fresh water (4)

Total: 71