Location: Pod of Dolphins
Depth: 87

Constraint Chef

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On a long ocean journey, it’s important to stay well-fed. Good thing this submarine has a well-stocked galley! Why not make some food for your fellow aquatic adventurers?

Make a meal in three courses (at least one vegetarian, at least one not) to feed at least four people (two of you and two of us, so you need to be willing to eat what you bring!). All three courses must contribute points to your score. Please also bring a written description of what you have prepared, including a full list of all ingredients and which points you are claiming. Call us when you are ready to bring it to HQ. Extra rewards may be in store if your team makes us something really tasty!

Choose several constraints, based on your team size:

You’re on a long ocean journey, and it’s hard to make food on a submarine:

You may as well use what you can find in the sea:

Make it really thematic!