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Solution to Choose Your Language

by Lilly Chin


In each sentence, 2 pokemon are clued in each sentence by using the same wordplay found in each Pokemon's name in each given section's language. The section name and order help clue which generation of Pokemon it is and what is the name basis for the pun (i.e., the English section only uses Pokemon from the first generation and so on).

For example, in Japanese, for the Pokemon "Spiritomb", instead of having a pun based off of "spirit + tomb", the Pokemon's name now is a play on "jar + pumice".

A full list of wordplay and Pokemon is given in the table.

After identifying each pair of Pokemon, take the difference between their corresponding Pokedex numbers and index into the alphabet, giving the clue phrase GOVERNMENT OVERTHROW IN FRENCH, cluing COUP DETAT

ENGLISHIt's always hard to catch all the differences
G73643Clefable = "Clef + fable"Oddish = "Odd + raddish"The jester began a ballad in alto clef, telling the fable of The Somewhat Odd Radish
O151833Pidgeot = "pigeon + jet"Nidorino = "needle + male rhinocerous"Putting a pigeon in a jet is like giving a needle to a male rhinocerous - completely unnecessary!
V222042Raticate = "Rat + eradicate"Golbat = "Ghoul + bat"We dealt with our rat problem by eradicating them all, but soon we were haunted by their ghouls in the form of a bat infestation
E59499Gengar = "doppelganger"Kingler = "King + fiddler"The doppelganger was soon revealed - not the king as everyone thought, but a simple court fiddler
R182240Fearow = "fear + sparrow"Wiggletough = "wiggle + tough"For fear of being eaten, the sparrow desperately wiggled out of the hawk's tough grasp.
N14125139Electabuzz = "electricity + buzz"Omastar = "ammonite + star"With electricity restored, lights buzzed in the exhibit starring ammonite and trilobite fossils.
M13134147Vaporeon = "vapor + eon"Dratini = "dragon + tiny"If you take the vapor from a waterfall and wait an eon, you'll get a dragon - tiny but a dragon nonetheless
E5113118Chansey = "Chance"Goldeen = "Gold + queen"I'll take my chances and try to use my gold to woo the queen
N1490104Shellder = "shelter"Cubone = "cute + bone"The shelter seemed cute until we realized it was made out of bone
T2083103Farfetch'd = "Far-fetched"Exeggutor = "egg + executor"It seemed far-fetched to everyone that these dragon eggs would hatch into cold-blooded executors
O15167182Spinarak = "cute + tarantula"Bellossom = "pretty flora"Aww, look at that cute tarantula all hidden in the pretty flora!
V22225247Delibird = "present + bird"Pupitar = "nymph + disgusting"My present to the king was a painting of birds surrounding a nymph - a disgusting sappy piece
E5169174Crobat - "Nocturnal Hell"Igglybuff = "all soft soft"I'd wake up from my nocturnal hell, only to find myself all drenched in sweat on my soft, soft sheets
R18180198Flaafy = "wool + energy"Murkow = "crow + darkness"The electric blanket with its warm wool gave enough energy to the crow to take off into the darkness once more
T20186206Politoed = "tadpole + toad"Dunsparce = "unusual + graceless"Tadpoles don't grow into toads, you unusually graceless dunce!
H8187195Hoppip - "Seeds + flight"Quagsire - "swamp + stay"The seeds in flight would soon land in a swamp, where they would stay and grow
R18189207Jumpluff = "Cotton flight"Gligar = "scorpion + glide"The cotton ball's flight was like a scorpion's tail gliding through the air
O15200215Misdreavus = "Will o'wisp + dream"Sneasel = "Leprechaun + ferret"The will of the wisp kept changing shape; as in a dream, it shifted gracefully from a leprechaun to a ferret
W23213236Shuckle = "Shell exchange"Tyrogue = "beginner + glove"I traded my shell in exchange for a beginner's boxing glove
I9274283Nuzleaf - "Brat + nose"Surskit - "Walk + pond"I told that brat to follow his nose and take a walk into the pond
N14288302Vigoroth - "Lively + sloth"Sableye - "Zombie + iris"Although she seems quite lively, she's actually quite a sloth in the mornings, looking like a zombie with a half-glazed look in her irises
F6440446Happiny - "Pink + good fortune"Munchlax - "Sleep + snoring + baby"We put up pink signs of good fortune so that we'd sleep better, knowing our snoring baby was protected
R18441459Chatot - "fluent in languages"Snover = "Snow + turnip"He claims he's fluent in many languages, but he just said that he likes to eat snow in the turnips
E5437442Bronzong = "bronze bell + drumming"Spiritomb - "Jar + pumice"The loud bronze bell and the constant drumming knocked over the jar of pumice
N14424438Ambipom - "Monkey + strong point + both"Bonsly - "False + flowerpot"The monkey's strong point was that it could both play people false and hide behind a flowerpot
C3402405Kricketune - "Cricket + tock"Luxray - "Xray + tiger"I took my old cricket clock to the shop to investigate a suspcicious tock noise and was very surprised to see the xray reveal an ornate tiger on the inside
H8457465Lumineon = "Neon + lantern"Tangrowth = "Shaggy + jumbo"By the light of the neon lantern, we enjoyed a great dinner - shaggy decor, but jumbo-sized portions