Location: Chemistry Lab

Solution to Chemistry Lab Meta

by Jane Chronis


Each answer is composed of two words. The first word rhymes with a number. The second word rhymes with an iconic word in a Dr. Seuss title. Index the number into the title to get a letter, and order by the images left to right to get the answer, COOL FUEL.

Puzzle 1FLOORMAT4The Cat in the HatC
Puzzle 2DEWDROP2Hop on PopO
Puzzle 3BLUEFINCH2How the Grinch Stole ChristmasO
Puzzle 4BOARTHORAX4The LoraxL
Puzzle 5GUNSTOCKS1Fox in SocksF
Puzzle 6STEWLUNCHES2Hunches in BunchesU
Puzzle 7SEABEACHES3The SneetchesE
Puzzle 8LIVEMYRTLE5Yertle the TurtleL