Location: Aquatic Acquaintances
Depth: 136

Solution to Captain Planet

Matthew S. Cain and Shawn Westerdale, special thanks to Matt “halftime” Peairs for bad ideas


Throughout the Workshop and Ocean there are 14 puzzles that have content "Recommended For You" that seems extraneous to the puzzle. Each of these has a clickbait headline and following the link gives a list of items pertanent to that headline. There are two different news sources, BuzzDeep and the Puffington Post. Within each news source, the numbers in the headlines are unique and the answers to the puzzles with linked content also have unique lengths. The number in the headline of a given puzzle is not the length of the answer for that puzzle, but of a different puzzle from that news source. This allows each set of puzzles to form a ring.

For example, the puzzle Erraticism has the clickbait headline "7 Slang Terms for Children We are Totally Over" which matches to the 7-letter answer for the Coins in the chest, DRESDEN. The coins' clickbait headline is "4 Names for Pizza Places That are Full of Win", witch matches to the 4-letter answer TACO to the puzzle Munchies, and so on.

In each article for each news source there is one list item that could also be a member of the empty list on the Captain Planet puzzle page. The completed lists are below, in order by the ring order described above. For each news source one of the headlines has "first" in it, denoting where to start writing.


7 Signs Your 90's Cartoon Addiction is Out of Control

  1. Doug (#11)
  2. Rugrats (#6)
  3. Bobby's World (#3)
  4. Aeon Flux (#2)
  5. Cow and Chicken (#3)
  6. The Powerpuff Girls (#3)
  7. Space Ghost Coast to Coast (#6)

Puffington Post:

These 7 Men Without Shirts Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

  1. Adam (#3)
  2. Greg Louganis (#4)
  3. George William Crump (#7)
  4. Archemedies Discovering Density (#4)
  5. Chippendale (#2)
  6. The Incredible Hulk (#16)
  7. Conan the Barbarian (#4)

Each puzzle answer is associated with the with one clickbait list, as described above. Because the number of items in the list matches the length of the answer, each list item can be associated with a particular letter from the correstponding puzzle answers (e.g., each letter from TACO can be matched with a pizza place). If you take the letters for the clickbait list items that get reused on Captain Planet's new lists (e.g., the C in TACO that corresponds with Bobby's World) and read them in order, you get the solution to Captain Planet's problem: RECYCLE CONTENT


Puzzle TitleAnswerIndexLetterClickbait Headline (links to next puzzle)
ErraticismIFEELBADFORYOU11R7 Slang Terms for Children We are Totally Over
CoinsDRESDEN6E4 Names for Pizza Places That are Full of Win
MunchiesTACO3C5 Æ Dipthong Words That Make Us Drool
Rid FillDYLAN2Y12 Pairs of Words That Start With the Same Letter That Are So Us
PolyglotMICHELANGELO3C10 Trios Who Were Epically Underrated
Back and ForthCOLOREDICE3L6 Talk Shows That Will Make You Question Your Very Existence
BethPRINCE6E14 Monosyllabic Male First Names That Are So Overrated

Puffington Post:

Puzzle TitleAnswerIndexLetterClickbait Headline (links to next puzzle)
Word ForkMICE3C7 Olympians Who We Can't Get Enough Of
NinaOSMOSIS4O11 Members of Congress Who Made Us Thirsty
Wordsearches Are a Piece of CakeSTEWLUNCHES7N8 Scientific Discoveries That Will Bring a Tear to Your Eye
Nautilus's Duplicated QuestSEATOSKY4T9 Furniture Styles That Prove We've Gone Too Far
Stay Out of the TrenchKERFUFFLE2E16 Green Things Every Twenty-something Totally Needs
Paper JigsawTHESPIRITSWITHIN16N5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies You've Completely Forgotten About
Siamese QuintupletsELITE4T4 Firsts That Will Prove Exactly Why Smiles Exist