Location: Atlantis, Spotted Tower
Depth: 475

Solution to Benny Lava

by Alex Arkhipov


This puzzle references famous Youtube videos which show “English lyrics” misheard from a song in a foreign language. The title references Benny Lava, a particularly famous such video. Here all the videos referenced, all by Buffalax:

VideoLanguageOriginalOriginal Movie / Album / Artist
Benny Lava (Crazy Indian Video)TamilKalluri VaanilPennin Manathai Thottu
Indian Thriller (Girly Man)TeluguGolimarDonga
MoskauGermanMoskauDschinghis Khan
Tunak Tunak TunPunjabiTunak Tunak TunArtist Daler Mehndi

Each clue, translated into English, sounds absurd. However, the misheard lyrics of the video with the same language, when taken literally, answer the clue. Here are the clues, translated, the corresponding lyrics, and the answers to the clue. We extract by indexing into the answer using the given number. (Using Google Translate to translate the clues suffices.)

GermanThis master of dance summoned the fish that you invited to enjoy.Come and dance and love the fish! Mister Disco summoned it! MISTER DISCOM
PunjabiThe lake guard should be sued because of the sawdust and pizza for this green person.Sue the guard, up the lake there's sawdust and pizza Yoda!YODAA
TeluguChildren are prohibited from wearing this item of clothing.Its the child no parka rule!PARKAK
TamilYou fought a man of this profession.I fought a barber man!BARBERE
TeluguUnfortunately, this of device of yours is missing a bow.Gosh, my old calculator ain't got no bow!CALCULATORU
GermanIt's time that this former ruler loses.Castro, it's the time to lose! CASTROS
TeluguThis vehicle was eaten by a man with prominent nipples.Nippley man I met, he ate my motorboat!MOTORBOATO
PunjabiThis strange and chunky alien is in your yard.In your yard I am the Ferengi man, very odd and chunkyFERENGIN
TamilYou should get this Hindi-speaking conifer.You need a Hindi yew!YEWE
TamilThis was the color of the goat that I ate, though I don't know who put it there.Who put the goat in there? The yellow goat i ate!YELLOWO
PunjabiOne of the merry members of your bus group is this performer who hasn't played in a long time.And your fiddler's very rusty, It's a very merry busfullFIDDLERF
TamilThis car part made of minor buns created the main character.Minor bun engine made Benny Lava!ENGINEG
PunjabiBecause this is somewhat hot, you should be envisioning yourself in a cold place.All along, dude, try to imagine cold, Cuz the van is kinda hotVANA
GermanMy cool tight pants are made of this material in addition to animal hide.Don't you think I'm cool in tights? 'Cause it's made of yarn and hide. YARNN
TeluguYou should welcome people, with the exception of the guy who buys these.Welcome the dude who ain't the buyer of mugs.MUGSG
GermanYou should come into the store selling this body part, where two men are set on fire. Enter the hymen store! Two men are scorched and burned! HYMENN
GermanOne should give utmost respect to this delicacy, lest they, like rangers end up pissed in tar.Please respect the caviar! Rangers end up pissed in tar! CAVIARA
TamilWe are aware of the ingredients of this buttery drink.We know what's in butter rum!RUMM
TeluguThis good is a cargo that you could do.Salad is a cargo you could do!SALADS
PunjabiThis animal should be wrapped in a tacky coat.Wrap the rat in tacky coatRATT
TamilThere was an additional cost to buy this animal.The puppy had a fee!PUPPYY
TeluguIt is requested that you do not purchase this hairless animal.Please don't buy the bald seal.SEALL
PunjabiYou lay this animal while partying and filling me with tar.And you fill me with tar and you party, laying bears.BEARSE

The letters read MAKE US ONE OF GANGNAM STYLE. After the team does so, they are given the answer to the puzzle.