Location: Coral Reef
Depth: 68

Ariel's Scavenger Hunt

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In the coral reef, you get a little disoriented and lose your way. Luckily you see a mermaid admiring your submarine; she seems to especially like the metallic finish and the external cogs. Maybe she can give you directions. When you ask her, she replies “I can point you on your way, but first, I need help finding some items. Can you help me?

I'm looking for

Oh, and don't bother bringing any thingamabobs. I already have 20 of those.”

Not knowing what traccuddle or hackety are, you find yourself in a bit of a predicament.

Maybe if you brought her some items that do what she wants, some of them will be what she meant. Even if some of them aren't what she had in mind, she might like them anyway once she sees them. The more choices you bring her, the more likely one of them will be what she wants or likes. Also, she seemed interested in the look of your ship, maybe she'll be especially pleased if some of the items have the aesthetic of your cutting edge steam technology. Regardless, you'll need to be prepared to demonstrate how the items you bring work, in case she's not familiar with them.


Collect a set of items; multiple items may serve the same purpose, and items may serve multiple purposes. No electronics. When you have your items, call HQ to schedule a meeting with Ariel. For each purpose, if you bring N items that qualify, you will get N(N+1)/2 points (i.e., 1 for 1 item, 3 for 2, 6 for 3 etc). For each purpose for which you have no qualifying items, you will receive -2 points. 1 additional point will be rewarded for each item that is demonstrated to fulfill its function underwater. 2 additional points will be given for each item that matches your steam tech aesthetic.

Points needed according to your team size: