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The Tea Party

After falling down the rabbit hole and brushing yourself off, you find yourself in the middle of an unusually colored forest which seems like it could only be in Wonderland. Ahead of you, you see a clearing where some sort of a party seems to be taking place. You hear someone shouting "No room, no room!", but it looks to you like there should be plenty of space at the half-empty table.

Sitting on a tree branch above you is a familiar, smug, smirking Cat.

"Ah, so the cheese caught the Dormouse, I see. I must remember that for my own...purposes later.

"Well, you've managed to come through that rabbit hole just in time for tea. Or perhaps you're just out of time for tea. It's been hard to say ever since the Beast came through and broke the Mad Hatter's clock. They never seem to know if it's tea time or not tea time or half past three lumps!

"If you can figure out how to fix it, do let the Mad Hatter know. He might even reward you with something that will come in handy later. Or sooner!"

"And if you see the Dormouse again, do butter him up for me."

With that, the Cat licks her lips hungrily and slowly vanishes into thin air, until all that is left are her anticipatory whiskers. Left alone, you walk towards the party.