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The Final Runaround

After solving all six Wonderland metas, the MIT meta meta, and the final events meta, teams were called by the Cheshire Cat and invited to go on the final runaround to finally vanquish the beast (Alice!) from Wonderland. The runaround came in four stages, the first three of which may have been done in any order, depending on who else was on the runaround. Each of the first three stages utilized one of the three objects teams earned by solving the Wonderland hole metas: the record from the White Queen, the allen wrench from the Mad Hatter, and the cardboard cutouts from the Mock Turtle.

After each of the first three stages, teams earned another object which was related to one of the three weaknesses of the beast had previously been learned from solving the other Wonderland metas. These three objects were used in the final stage of the runaround.

After solving the final hedge maze, the White Rabbit runs off, taking his watch with him. Teams are given one more (short!) puzzle to solve to find out where he ran off to:

Once they've located him hiding around campus, the teams follow the White Rabbit around MIT, closing all of the rabbit holes with the use of his watch (as they learned could be done by solving the events meta). At the final rabbit hole, the White Rabbit jumped through, leaving his watch behind. Searching the president's courtyard, the watch (aka the 2014 MIT Mystery Hunt coin) was found at 2:30 AM on Sunday morning by One Fish Two Fish Random Fish Blue Fish, allowing them to close the final rabbit hole and win the hunt!

A video of the winning team going through the runaround has been uploaded to YouTube.