Solution to The Mock Turtle Meta

Authors: David Wilson and Erin Rhode

[Post-Hunt erratum: The eighth clue below was misprinted in the actual Hunt. The intended clue is below. We've gone over our version control logs and honestly have no idea how this happened. We're very very sorry.]

The Mock Turtle is "made of bits and pieces of other beings." Each of the blanks can be filled by a round-answer word. This forms a clue that can be answered by a phrase that is exactly two letters off from the name of a Carrollian character (or creature).

Clue with answer word Answer to clue Changed creature
JAMES BOND creator and family (26,13) FLEMINGS FLAMINGO
SNOOPY's airplane (in reality) (15,1) DOGHOUSE DORMOUSE
A.A. MILNE's "very small" character (5,2) PIGLET EAGLET
Beverage endorsed by TED WILLIAMS (14,9) MOXIE MOUSE
Container for WARDLEY product (10,25) FISH FOOD CAN FISH FOOTMAN
First word of LEVAR BURTON's children's TV show name (6,3) READING RED KING
Focus of DOWNFALL meme (17,8) (MAD) HITLER (MAD) HATTER
How "these LOCKS" were preserv'd (7,22) UNSHORN UNICORN
Lancaster and CORNWALL, for example (4,21) DUCHIES DUCHESS
Primary developer of the NUMBER THEORY library (20,24) SHOUP SHEEP
Send email to experts on the TORAH (23,16) WRITE RABBIS WHITE RABBIT
Usin' a TI85, perhaps? (12,11) GRAPHIN' GRYPHON
What WORMTONGUE does, before being shot (18,19) KILL THE WIZARD BILL THE LIZARD

Take the extra "bits" of the other creatures, order them by using the given indices, and you'll find out how to make more people fit at the tea-table: MAKE EDITS TO YOUR TABLE SCHEMA.