Solution to The Cat's Combobulation (Events Meta)

Author: Elaina Present
With help from Quinn Mahoney and Joel Miller

Teams arrive and the answer phrases from all four events are displayed on round capsules of various types, one word per capsule. Teams are paired and assigned to create steps to get something useful out of the useless information they have received in the events round. The steps are Rube Goldberg-like and sort the balls by size or diameter. A kit of materials is provided.

The paired teams have an hour to work on their steps. Once a step has demonstrated robust performance, it is assigned to a location in the final paths. There are 9 final paths, each 2 steps long (one size sorter, one weight sorter), arranged with one of the three outputs going forward. Sets of capsules with answer words are sent through each path, with all of the capsules that come out forward having the same word on each step. In order, the words on the forward outputs constitute the answer phrase: WHITE RABBIT HAS A WATCH THAT CONTROLS RABBIT HOLES.