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You've Got Some Nerve

Flower holder subjugatin' *depresses and intorts eyeball*

Sly animal *senses smell*

Chancellor Angela vends *shrugs*

En passant chess pieces *views*

School for hungry animals *vocalizes*

Give steroids to Idi *tasted a lot*

Vehicle decayed *smiles*

Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer *smells cherry blossoms*

Mrs. Palin liftin' weights *loses balance*

Spoken filler from a 1984 gold medalist gymnast *closes jaw*

Anemic-looking speech filler *looks sideways*

Purposed as prayer ender *is nosy*

Expert had a stannum deficiency *shrinks pupils*

Rejection of clutter from a preppy retail store *talks*

Manger amendment *lifts voicebox*

Talons play guitar *takes in the scene*

Mr. Paul post-makeover *beholds*

Fare charged to outcasts *synchronizes eye movements*

Disorder in the coldest place in Tunisia *detects odor*

Whitefish consumed *cried tears of joy*

Copernicus, Jonas, Cage, and Tesla *eyelids droop*

"Gluttony" and "Sloth" for iPhone *turns out eyeballs*