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Saturdy & Sundy

Allow me to take the concoction from your mouth.

Carry the medication honey, I could carry my cookie sheet.

I assume you don't believe this verse is session you.

I'll deliver the thing you telephoned for. But allow me to enter my single.

I won't remove my rear shoes, I'm sinking.

Miss, I may be old enough to purchase alcohol, but I have recollections to attest, that I've glimpsed your child previously.

Mug of that ten, dear I've been angling, in return from the descent.

She's not searching for stetson without stipulation.

She upset I need to leave, since I'm sleepy, you can tell.

Sweetie, GMT be truthful.

Trust you notice, it won't dudes an object to me.

What are you discussing? I can tell you like to relax.

What was your 20 when I required your presence, 8 flying insects prior?

You can vulgarly undress.

You understood that speaking gossip to me on the cell would direct me hither.