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The Queen of Hearts (Runaround)

Author: Mark Feldmeier

During the final runaround, teams entered a classroom to find the Queen of Hearts and an odd looking bed. The Queen explains (or ad libs something similar)...

It's about time you got here! This bed is driving me crazy. Off with its headboard! No wait, I love the headboard - look, it's a whiteboard so I can record my dreams! It's been so usefl, but when I woke up today the bed had shrunk! Later today I'm going back to that WonderKEA and cutting the heads off of everyone there, but for now, I can't get the ridiculous thing apart. I lost the tool I need! You all -- you need to disassemble this for me. And be gentle with it -- if it gets scratched or broken I can't return it, and it will be off with all your heads!

At this point, teams should pull out the object given to them by the Mad Hatter -- a golden allen key which should help them take apart the bed. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any fasteners on the bed. After looking around, hunters should notice that there are supports for the bed that can slide out, and have numbers from 1 to 7 on them. But, because they are recessed into the bed, and one needs to be pushed in to get another out, only half can be exposed at a time. To get all 8 supports out, hunters need to hit one support with another, and use inertia to get it out without recessing the one in their hand.

The headboard has a dream written on it, and there is only one "L" in the dream. If the golden allen key is placed over this "L" and slid, it moves a lock. Once this is done, teams should find that they can slide the top of the bed a few inches, and that sliding the supports to various positions allows the top to slide a bit more. There are 8 such supports, each with 7 positions, which gives over 5 million combinations (which can be reasonably picked in a short period of time due to the low quality of the lock). After 45 minutes, if teams are struggling, the Queen may interject with the following hint:

It didn't take this long to assemble the first time. The truth is, this was NOT the most PRIME piece of furniture they sell. Not PRIME at all. Why did I buy this?

This hint should indicate that none of the positions are at prime values, and thus, only 1, 4, and 6 are possible, limiting the number of combinations to 6,561, which can be brute forced in a very short period of time. The final combination to unlock the headboard looked like this:

|       |
4       6
6       1
1       4
4       1
|       |

Once the bed has been successfully unlocked and the headboard opened, a down pillow is found inside, which the Queen allows teams to keep. This should come in handy later on the run around, as teams were told during the Caucus Race that Alice is ALLERGIC TO DOWN.