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A Puzzle with the Answer GARCIAPARRA
Congrats! You've solved this puzzle. The answer is GARCIAPARRA. However, you don't know the puzzle's title. When you think you've gotten the title, submit it.

The White Queen would like to challenge you to a game of GeoGuessr. Send us a URL that proves that you scored higher than 20,000 points on a challenge generated by the Queen here.

You beat the White Queen's challenge with ???.

Congratulations! All that traveling must have made you hungry. It sure made us hungry. We have associated each location with a food, displayed below. Bring us a dish which contains three of the five foods associated with the regions you correctly GeoGuessed!

You sent us an appropriate dish.

One more round of GeoGuessing! But this time, to make it more challenging, the static image is all you get!