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A Puzzle with the Answer DRIVE MY CAR
Congrats! You've solved this puzzle. The answer is DRIVE MY CAR. However, you don't know the puzzle's title. When you think you've gotten the title, submit it.

All of my other pickaxes had been made of wood, but I used this new diamond one as a pool cue and finally beat Roman in a game of 8-ball.

No longer sure what was real and what was a just drug-fueled delusion, I threw a brick and killed two of my enemies, then grew floppy ears and a trunk and shot a hamster.

So I defeated Ahriman after the 99th time Elika prevented my death, but all I got for it was this Gold Sunflower Trophy.

Well, there I was on Tenacity running left to right as usual and a gigantic fish jumped right in my path, but when I altered my memories and did it all over again I moved the cup holder, opened the hand bag, and turned on Jax to avoid the accident.

Even shooting ten guardians from the front while their shields were raised wasn't enough to make up for my minister's gaffe, so I had no choice but to fire him.

Really, the 50,000 orcs I killed were just a warmup for my 10 ranked deathmatch wins against Xenomorphs and dreadlock-sporting extraterrestrials.

Difficult as it was to beat the campaign on 1999 mode, casually defeating the Nether King with no second chances was even harder.

Really stacking my gear with pickup radius buffs was key to making my first 5 million, but I couldn't have done it without sending my Sackboy outside my own creations to complete something created by the community.

I must have destroyed 21 exploding barrels while searching for the Hekaton, and I just found my eleventh relic on the way back to the Endurance.

Vegas's slots had a funny effect on me: after ten spins, I decided to just submit to fate and not shoot Konrad.

Every lifestone was mine, so I used fire reinforcement until I had the best weapon possible.

Mr. Campbell's overseer threw a live grenade at me and I took him out by throwing it right back, but afterwards I chickened out and went back to the creepy castle, where I rescued my 200th unborn sibling.

Yesterday I was chasing down Hugo Moller through the streets of Los Angeles, and now here I am in the middle of a normal difficulty volcano standing over the dead body of Albert Wesker.

Clearing all of the ghosts out of the well using Electro Bolts sure did make me dizzy, but it was nothing compared to spinning my way through Hexagoner.

After winning a van in Austin, Texas during my band's world tour, I filled it up by spawning 2,000 G-Man ragdolls.

Rolling across Pandora in my outrunner, I rammed 25 enemies on my way to the the Imperial City, where I met up with Owyn the Blademaster and joined his faction.