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A Puzzle with the Answer CLEMENS
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When you're a talking flower, life can get a little repetitive. That's why flowers in Wonderland gardens don't just stay rooted; they each get one day abroad to explore the world around them. Usually that world is Wonderland, but now that the rabbit holes are open, last week some flowers explored some more mundane settings...

The Primula veris says:

A friend of mine is rich and owns a mansion, so on my day abroad, I stayed in his house to see how the other half live. I got into the plush bed and put on silk sozgoop, which frankly didn't fit very well because I am a flower. I sipped a glass of wine, inhaling deeply to take in the thewtmy, and then had difficulty drinking it because, again, I am a flower. Having never had a very complete education, I've been reading a text on hoolare, but it was getting late, so I stopped solving for x, used a kworghwk to save my place, and closed my eyes to get some sleep. Just then, there was a crash. Robbers had broken in! They came into the room and demanded all of my friend's money! I tried to explain that I had buxdimes places with him, but they didn't believe me (my friend looks like a flower too, so I can see how from their jebinwimp, they'd think I was lying). I was ordered to open a sealed whulkvw next to the bed, but I didn't have the key. I offered them the single qoxmarin sitting on the nightstand, but they weren't interested in leaving with just a coin, especially not an antiquated one. Suddenly the ghost that haunts the house fortuitously appeared. He talked to himself for some time, and upon completing his willyswct, he exited through the robbers, leaving them coated in sticky swomegulp. Rich folks have it harder than I realized.

The Syringa vulgaris says:

I always cry at weddings, which is strange because I don't have tear ducts. I spent my day abroad attending a wedding exconger, which was held in a charming open-air pelgby situated in the middle of a garden. The bride's dress was szmetwevv, a pure jexthevdmny white without a single flaw, and as the two lovers declared their gwevding to each other, promising eternal loyalty, she looked like the whelvutu woman on earth. Best of all, the reception had a make-your-own-sundae bar; I don't eat ice cream, but I enjoyed putting together a dish of ice cream with toppings frudjvent all over it. Things went awry when one of the guests tried to take me home, thinking I was one of the tregjak in a centerpiece! The nerve. It's not like I would come here and flchvq your car, forcing you to leave with me... why should I come home with you? But I'll stop flpmantvz about this. I must sound like an angry bird!

The first Leontopodium alpinum says:

I enjoy sports, so on my day abroad, I attended a timedlake tournament. I couldn't find a seat to see the adults play, but it was easy to get a ticket for the recquiry division. I looked back and forth, enjoying the sound as each player struck the birdie with his fctrawn. One of the players was a fairly hot prospect; I wasn't sure he'd deserve the hype journalists were lavishing upon him, but in this game, he proved himself cloxthzonk. He fought his way to a decisive qwinkth, and to celebrate he performed a jeepdizans, launching himself into the air! Everyone was having a good time, but suddenly there was a crack of thunder and it began to pour. Rain started to absolutely zwernd every spectator, and water was vukepix rapidly through the gutters above us. There was an umbrella salesman nearby, but he was demanding exact change, and most of his potential customers didn't have any gruswie. This sent them into a fury, so the security guards protected the salesman, standing close together like a jeubzaa of Greek soldiers. Things were getting ugly, so I excused myself. Humans. When it rains in the flower garden, we just smile and have a drink!

The Calendula officinalis says:

I've always been fascinated by science, so on my day abroad, I visited a laboratory. In the biology lab, the techs were performing a controversial tempeering; they had decided to laptrim the brain of a grabzsts into an octopus, hoping that the octopus would then figure out how to regenerate lost arms. Things didn't go according to plan, as the mutant octopus burst out of its tank, breaking the steel cholpax intended to keep the lid shut, and attempted to murder the researchers! In the nick of time, the drttcorn levels in the creature's blood reached fatal levels, and it collapsed from the effects of the poison. I moved to the volvedo department, since I thought studying rocks might be safer. The employees there were preoccupied, having misplaced a tiger's eye (a type of guwaqt, not an actual eye; those were kept in the biology room). After combing the entire lab, they were embarrassed to find that one scientist's son had found the stone and, thinking it was a kefajeggax, he had been sucking on it for several hours. All of this important work made the scientists hungry; it was late morning on a Sunday, so they decided to go to gbwick. I don't eat human food, but I enjoyed the entertainment, as there was a small band playing blues and improvising solos; they were the qarfsteq quartet I'd ever heard!

The second Leontopodium alpinum says:

It's great when humans show off their physical prowess, so I spent my day abroad at a track meet. I zeckkuxk to be impressed by the athletes, but they were even more jagqapt than I thought they'd be. One of the hurdlers demonstrated the spvnkcigs of a cheetah, and the qwegjip ability of a crawgmaxnm, which is a pretty speedy animal as well! Apparently he used to be a varsity jjyrgks, but he was pretty impressive in events on dry land as well. I thought I'd found the perfect place to observe the meet, until I was almost stabbed in the stem by a flying blpgawk. It was a near-death experience, and yet no one seemed to raise an korkfym. I guess flowers get almost-impaled frequently around these parts. The thrower didn't finish very well in the final standings; a poor choice of arc was his ployzdal. We have a similar event at the Garden Games that we call the Twig Throw. We don't have any measuring tape, but we do have a wriggly jygporch friend who helps us out.

The Tropaeolum majus says:

Most of my friends don't know that I've always been fascinated by the kifdicle system. Every now and then I have a dream where I'm a prosecuting attorney, jegopibinny a pjpwing on the stand until he jimpfk that he made up the perpretrator's alibi. So on my day abroad, I thought I'd sit in on a trial. This was a bendivvs case, and the prosecutors couldn't seem to figure it out. They were pretty confident that the suspect had hired a jinkhm to murder his rival, and the findings of the medical trmkingg supported this theory. However, they didn't know who was hired, making it difficult to collect evidence. I heard several other people pajjgix, but their accounts were all over the map, so it was hard to establish guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Personally, I thought the defense was trying to nuhifwoo the prosecution; if I were the lawyer, they wouldn't pull the wool over my eyes! But I guess my life in the garden is simpler; everyone's pretty honest, and no one tries to grjqxkick elaborate stories about how they didn't commit homicide.

The Antirrhinum majus says:

No one argues very much in the garden, so on my day abroad, I went to a debate. At first when I sat down, the moderator gave me a glairjirq look, as if he didn't know what in the world I was doing there. It turns out it's frowned upon to sit on the stage, and once I figured that out, I moved quickly before anyone could harshly bamnships me for breaking the rules. The challenger clearly wanted to start, but made an jolqjnk call of heads, and the coin landed tails. The incumbent, a former Rhodes qeldaws who had done thyvehinh research on alternative energy, insisted that we were using too many fossil fuels, and that energy could be more sustainable if every county added a blimflin to generate weather-based power. The challenger insisted that cudsbinbiz people from using coal power was a denial of their rights, and that such a policy would result in a major loqawaze from angry voters. He then changed the subject to the incumbent's intelligence-gathering policies, which he declared to be an invasion of citizens' yaqskip. At that point, the candidates began shouting at each other. They were adults, and you would think they would have cnjdstfd such petty behaviors. But I guess humans are like that.