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Opposites Are Not Downbeats
A Pokémon is not an Egyptian god
A name associated with tractors is not a poetic preposition
Natural is not a shortened masculine name
A paraplegic detective chief is not like some kickoffs
To mistreat is not to employ
A chess world champion is not a universal gate
A rejected item is not something to play games with
An affliction is not comfort
To sit out is not to tarnish
Around is not tagged
To shorten is not a bump
Some usually unseen clothes are not things to cut with
A country is not an antelope
A battery part is not a point
Helpers are not a Roman day
An animal home is not a lake
A separation is not a subgroup
An exhibit is not to have fun with
To land is not to make glow
A murder victim is not a rail type
A snail is not by itself
To make a countering opinion is not in the mail
A neighbor is not to speak
A Yankee is not a stick
A musical ensemble is not an '80s classic film
A snail (for example) is not something that plays music
To break up is not what you just did to this clue
A sturdy fabric is not a children's game
A home is not a lyrical creation
To swell up is not to take care of
To work in the brewery is not to work on the farm
To live in is not a uniform
Scrooge is not a place you find in the hospital
To let down is not to hire
Whichever is not a state abbreviation
Forgiveness is not a mixture
A prize is not a building part
A property title is not a shortened masculine name
An odor is not a tomato