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Operator Test
The Hatter says "What's that? You say you're on a hunt? I heard of some folks who went on a Snark hunt once; it didn't sound like it went too well. Well, whatever you're Hunting, try to remember the lessons of the past..."
Ringo Starr song, or a step in many puzzles

Symbolized by a triangle on top of a cross
Palm line of PDAs
Source of ionization in smoke detectors
One of two ancient Greek names for Venus

If you sleep and socialize, you don't do this

Its national bird is a macaw; Alexander's country; Place that at one time was "balanced" by Maine
Brown location; Sporcle's favorite country; Franklin's choice for national bird
Quitting smoking and 1920x1080

Not dorsal
Titular Gladiator
Fish or Frog, in Wonderland
Degree or golf tournament
Precious metal in bars or ingots
Tolkien's prince who travels with a king

Where you can see Jon Stewart, Bill Clinton, and Dan Katz

Europe-focused soccer confederation
You might see them in dirt or snow (or in Indianapolis and Daytona)
Judged (worthy)
Site of vacations and volcanoes
Tennis player Monica
Last word of many 2012 Youtube parodies

US lender of last resort

Current holder of Cambridge post held by Newton and Data
Focus of a Boston convention since 2003
Morrisville State College athletes
New York newspaper since 1987
Philadelphia bistro The Ugly  
Singer of "The White Cliffs of Dover"

Feeling the unnamed narrator associates with IKEA

Computer magazine started in 1975
Partner of confidentiality and availability
Stereotypical unwanted holiday gift
Word preceding "assurance" or "Inn"