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Let's Meet in the Middle
Hollow rocksA measure of a single metrical foot
Trump, often?Backing
Heavy rain quantityBoxy
Jazz picker of fame?Church key
Bread shunnerConnecting
Gather upFinds earthly coordinates
Metal-coatedHoelite is among them
Three strikes in a rowIcy treats
Talking crazyKind of punishment
An ode done soloLuggage leader
They output themselvesMade calm
Disqualify oneselfMimicing
Providing a punishment, perhapsMore punchy
CrushOn the way to work
Medieval satinPedigreed
It steals souls, some sayReady to use
On the wayRoot vegetable
Aw giver?She brings your tapas
Attack partsStalls
Sounded happyStunning
Lined upThere's one in each cheek
Sometimes it's silverThoroughly searched
2 2 2 2 3 5 7 8
UprightAffect one another
WholeAltar cloth
Flour used in some beveragesAnti-government rebels
Lapels that are turned backBacchanalian
Like lips prepared to whistleBallpark
Kind of bandCarillon locations
Structural supportDethrone
Refuse parentageDistribution type
RearFlower shop output
RevertedGathered together
Saved, with awayGave respect
Shoots the breezeGinormous
Changing tablecloths, sayLove, sometimes
ContradictsMisrepresent, as an odometer
Not as friendlyMoving about purposefully
Defining the rate?Newspaper printing
80s hair bandPaid-for
Nice countryProtons, e.g.
BamboozledRail parts
Before the starting gun goes offRare
Taking namesSmall opening
Tax typeSteering
PracticingStupid Girl artist
Hay machinesTypes of bats
Zombies, e.g.Water separator
Minor noblesWhat peanuts are used for
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