Solution to Wonderwang

Authors: Seth Bisen-Hersh, Thomas Mack, and Pranjal Vachaspati

Upon arrival, everyone was split into 7 groups to play 7 rounds of Wonderwang.

Each round presented a word that follows a set of rules. The host of each group went around in a circle and had people say words. If their word fit the round rule, the host yelled out: "That's Wonderwang!" This continued until everyone in the circle understood the rule and hit Wonderwang. Then the group moved to another host for another round until all 7 rounds were completed and the rules learned.

Finally, when they have finished the 7 rounds, they are presented with a sheet of paper with the final Wonderwang which has 40 words. Exactly one word fit each of the 7 rounds, and pulling out those words in round order formed the answer phrase.

The rules and the corresponding answer phrase words were as follows:

  • ANY -- words ending in Y
  • TRIP -- words you can add S to the start of
  • THAT -- words that start and end with the same letter
  • HAS -- 3 letter words with A in the middle
  • NO -- words that can be spelled with the letters from WONDERWANG.
  • VACATIONS -- words with animals in them
  • BLOWS -- 5 letter words with only one vowel in the exact middle

The phrase, therefore is: ANY TRIP THAT HAS NO VACATIONS BLOWS.